Star Wars Battlefront 2 – All Hidden Item Locations

Find out how to locate and claim all the hidden items in Star Wars Battlefront 2’s campaign.

As you make your way through the Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign, there are quite a few Hidden Items that you can find scattered throughout the various levels of the game. To help you find all of these Hidden Items, and unlock all the rewards that you get for finding them, we’ve put together this article on collectibles that will showcase the location of every Hidden Item in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 campaign.

All Hidden Item Locations

To make things easier, we’ll break down the locations based on the mission that they appear in. You can keep track of these items in the Career tab, which can be accessed from the main menu.

The Cleaner Hidden Items

When playing through the first mission, you’ll have to start off playing as Iden’s personal droid. While playing as this droid, make your way through the vents until you reach a large wide-open room. There are several Rebel guards in this area, so be sure to stay careful as you move around the area. Look out for an area beneath the middle walkway, and search for this collectible item near the back of the room. Interact with it to claim it.

The second Hidden Item in The Cleaner mission can be found after you take control of Iden Versio. After getting your pistol, head down a nearby corridor and take out three rebel guards in front of you. Then. Look to your left and head down another hallway to find a crate with this second Hidden Item on it. Use your droid to claim it.

The Battle of Endor Hidden Items

After you make your way to the second mission of the game, you’ll drop down to an area on your lower left. Head straight from here, under the ruins of an AT-AT, and then look on the ground to find this Hidden Item inside of a crate.

The next Hidden Item in this chapter of the game can be found after you speak to the Admiral and are ordered to retreat. Head forward towards the waypoint and you’ll need to defeat several Rebels at a door. Once they are dealt with, head inside the base using your droid, and then slice the crate to nab this Hidden Item for your collection.

After you reach the Stormtroopers and are ambushed by Rebels, turn to the left and make your way down to the lower area. Once down in the area, look for a bunker that you can enter, and search inside for this Hidden Item.

You can find the next Hidden Item after you defeat the Rebel-controlled AT-ST. Defeat it, and then deal with the Rebel troops. Once the area is clear, head to the bottom level of the tower and look for a crate containing this Hidden Item.

The final Hidden Item for this mission can be found during the fight to claim the TIE Fighters. Head to the end of the platform, past the Rebel X-Wing that lands, and you’ll find a crate with this Hidden Item inside.

We’ll continue to update this guide with more Hidden Item locations over the coming days, so check back often for the locations of even more Hidden Items in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Also be sure to check out our Star Wars Battlefront 2 guides for even more helpful information about the game.

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