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Splatoon 3: Where to Get Your SplatNet Orders In-Game

Pick up those orders to look fresh.

by Jesse Vitelli

Splatoon 3 is full of fashion, sick weapons, and some bizarre architecture. As you progress through the game, both in the single-player and multiplayer, you’ll unlock a ton of new gear. However, there are other ways you can find so sick new threads to rock in-game. Here is where to get your SplatNet orders in-game.

Splatoon 3: Where to Get Your SplatNet Orders In-Game

Using the Nintendo Switch Application, you can unlock new gear for your character in Splatoon 3. After checking out SplatNet 3 and placing an order for the rotating clothing catalog, you’ll need to pick it up in-game and purchase it.

Just head over to Murch (who can be found directly right of the Tower) and speak with this character. When you initiate a conversation, a menu with a bunch of options will appear. Select the bottom right choice, “SplatNet Delivery,” which will show you any items you ordered through the SplatNet delivery service.

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Here is where you will need to pay for the item, so make sure you have enough coins for it before ordering. Don’t worry, though, if you don’t have enough money; you just won’t be able to purchase it. You can re-order it at any time to pick it up again. However, be warned that the items on the app rotate out, so be sure to snag clothes while you can. You don’t know when they might return again, if at all.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about where to get your SplatNet orders in-game in Splatoon 3. We have plenty of useful guides for you to check out for Splatoon 3. Are you having trouble finding where to start the single-player campaign? Or maybe you want to know how to use the Tri-Stringer weapon. We have you covered.

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