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Splatoon 2 – Defeat the Octo Shower

by Josh Hawkins

Splatoon 2’s single player campaign offers an assortment of lairs and bosses for players to take down, with each area bringing new challenges to the table. The fourth, and penultimate, boss fight in Splatoon 2 sees players go head to head with a massive Octo Shower, which they’ll need to defeat the unlock the fifth and final area of the game. In this article we’ll break down everything you need to know about how to defeat the Octo Shower boss, and offer some helpful advice to assist players in taking down this oversized octopus.

How to Defeat the Octo Shower

The key thing to keep in mind when taking on the Octo Shower is the fact that as soon as this battle starts, the boss will begin attacking. Immediately fire off a shot using your Hero Charger and then ink away from the red laser that the Octo Shower uses to aim. If you get hit by this opening attack, you could be splatted instantly, so let’s refrain from letting that happen just yet.

Now you need to focus your ink at the central tower. Ink the side of it up, and then use your Squid form to swim to the top. Here you’ll be granted full view of the three Octocopters that are currently carrying the Octo Shower. Your goal right now is to take down at least one of the Octocopters, though if you’re quick, you should be able to take down two.

Once the Octo Shower retreats, hop down and make your way up the pillar next to it. Then, repeat the same thing you just did, and take aim at the Octocopter carrying the boss. Once you’ve taken all three of the Octocopters down, the Octo Shower will crash to the floor, allowing you to shoot its exposed tentacle until it explodes.

Now it’s time to move on to phase two of this fight. This time around a new Octocopter joins the fight, making the total of Octocopters that you need to destroy climb to four. You’ll also be greeted by a new attack—a rapid firing cannon attack—which you should avoid at all costs. We’d suggest tossing out a Curling Bomb and then using the ink left behind to swim to cover from the cannon attack.

After the cannon attack has finished, climb the tower closest to the Octo Shower and then attack the Octocopters above it. Try to eliminate the Octocopters as quickly as possible, and then shoot the exposed tentacle when the boss crashes to the floor. Keep in mind that the Octo Shower will also incorporate a new linear attack when you destroy an Octocopter, so use your own ink to avoid the attacks and escape to a new vantage point.

When the fourth Octocopter has been destroyed, and the second phase comes to an end, it’s time to move on to the final round of this boss battle. At this point the boss becomes much more aggressive, and four Rocket Octocopters will now carry the boss around the arena. Avoid their attacks as much as possible, and try to get to a vantage point that will allow you attack the Octocopters, and keep up the dance until you destroy the last Octocopter, causing the boss to crash to the floor. Destroy that last exposed tentacle and the boss fight will be over.

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