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Splatoon 2 – All Sunken Scroll Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Sunken Scrolls are a nifty little collectible that first appeared in the first Splatoon game on the Wii U. Now, with Splatoon 2 splashing onto the Nintendo Switch, Sunken Scrolls have returned once more. Sunken Scrolls are especially worthwhile to those who enjoy reading more about Splatoon’s world and people, and the Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon 2 have plenty of interesting things to reveal. In this article we’ll break down the Sunken Scroll locations in Splatoon 2, and show you where to find them all.

Tentakeel Outpost

The first Sunken Scroll that players can find is located inside the game’s first area, Tentakeel Outpost, before you even head into any of the Lairs. Look out for a yellow balloon and then destroy it. This will cause another balloon to spawn. Follow the line of balloons (there are six of them total) until you reach the end, and the final balloon will reward you with the Sunken Scroll.

Lair 1 – Return of the Octarians

Lair 1’s Sunken Scroll can be obtained by locating a narrow grated walkway with a small platform beneath it. Drop through the grate using your squid-form, and then turn around and look for a path that leads to a crate resting on another walkway of grating. Paint up the metal section of wall behind the grating, and then squid swim up to the grate and break the box to get this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 2 – Welcome to Octopia

After taking down the Shielded Octotrooper in this second Lair, drop into squid-form and move to the platform below (by way of the grate the Octotrooper was standing on). Once below, look for a Balloon Fish, and then fill it with your ink to cover the wall and destroy the nearby crate, which holds this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 3 – Sunset Octocopter

Before using the launchpad near two purple rollers, look around for a pillar and then make use of a nearby Dash Track that will allow you to boost yourself to the top of the pillar. Then, ink the wall, and swim up the dash track to be launched to the top, where you’ll find this Sunken Scroll waiting in a crate.

Suction-Cup Lookout

The Sunken Scroll in Area 02 can be found just like the one in Tentakeel Outpost. Locate the series of green balloons, and then follow the arrows to the next set of balloons. Keep doing this until you have hit all of them, and then you’ll be rewarded with the Sunken Scroll.

Lair 4 – Enter the Octohurler

In order to find this Sunken Scroll, you’re going to need to keep an eye out for a platform with two crates, which can only be accessed by riding a spread (the platforms that Octohurlers like to hole up on). The platform itself is pretty well hidden, so keep an eye out for any suspicious looking areas before you hop onto the launchpad and move to the next section of the map.

Lair 5 – The Octopark

While riding the Ride Rail that spirals upwards, look out for a squid ring that you can jump through to land on a single tower with a crate on it. When you see this ring, jump off the rail and through it to land on the platform, and then destroy the crate to obtain this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 6 – Octozeppelin Invasion

This Lair’s Sunken Scroll can be found as soon as you encounter a large array of Octorpedoes. Look to the left to spot an almost hidden Ride Rail, which you can hop on and ride to a hidden area of the map. Here you’ll find a few crates, one of which contains this Lair’s Sunken Scroll. Grab it, then use the nearby Launchpad to bypass the Octorpedoes and land near the vault.

Lair 7 – Back-Alley Cleanup

To find this Lair’s Sunken Scroll you will need to clear out the platform that is currently occupied by Squee-G and the Octobomber. Once this is done, ignore the nearby launchpad, and instead, look for a pat off to the right, which will lead you down a narrow ledge to a small crate with this Sunken Scroll inside.

Lair 8 – Spinning Campground

You can acquire this Lair’s Sunken Scroll after crossing the large group of Inkfurlers. Look for a small platform off to the left, and then make your way over to it to find this crate, which can be destroyed to obtain the Sunken Scroll inside.

Lair 9 – Octoling Strike

This Sunken Scroll can be found after you destroy a massive Splash Wall. The crate itself is hidden, so you’ll need to ink the ground around it to reveal it. Having trouble finding it? Look for Splash Walls and then ink the ground behind them to locate it easily.

Beaker’s Depot

This area’s Sunken Scroll balloon is located near the base of Lair 10. You’ll want to equip the Hero Charger and shoot the first balloon, then follow the arrows until you reach the final balloon, allowing you to grab this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 10 –Octoseeker Showdown

Before leaving the platform with the Vault and Key, look for the nearby areas with several sponges and then peer down to find three sponges hidden below. Ink the sponges and then drop down onto them, where you’ll find a hidden platform holding this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 11 – The Floating Garden

To find this lair’s Sunken Scroll, drop through the net opposite of the Vault in this lair, and then you should land on a hidden platform with a single Tentakook. You’ll need to take the Tentakook out, as he’s holding the Sunken Scroll. Once he’s dead, grab the Sunken Scroll to claim it.

Lair 12 – Octo-Resort Spring

You’ll need to evade a Flooder in order to acquire this Sunken Scroll. Look for the crate containing this Sunken Scroll near a platform with a launchpad, close to the second Flooder that you encounter in this lair. Make your way past the Flooder (without being seen), and then swim up to the top of the wall, where you should be able to ink the side of the wall to reach the top of the Flooder. Hop onto the enemy, and then ride it towards a set of wooden planks, which you can ink and swim up to gain this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 13 – Dancing Floors

You’ll find this Sunken Scroll at the top of a tall tower that is patrolled by two Flooders. Use the Grapplink near the entrance of this lair, and you should be able to reach the top Flooder, which you can ride towards the tower. Once close, ink the wall of the tower and then squid-jump over to it and swim up to grab this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 14 – Parking Garage

Look for a hidden platform directly beneath the checkpoint when advancing around the Octosniper in this lair. You should spot the Sunken Scroll waiting on the platform, barely visibile.

Lair 15 – Octoling Assault

You will find this lair’s Sunken Scroll in a locked box near the Octoling’s base. To unlock the box you’ll need to retrieve one of two keys (both keys will open the box). The second key can also be used to unlock another locked box. Search around the area for the key.

Slimeskin Garrison

You’ll find this Sunken Scroll by finding the green balloon beneath the entrance to Lair 18. Shoot it, and then follow the arrows to reach the end and grab this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 16 – Secret Bowling Alley

You’ll need to be quick and precise if you want to grab this Sunken Scroll. Use the cannon close to the cannon and ink the wall just beneath a narrow path where the Kingpin Octoballers drop into the level. Now, swim up the wall that you inked, and wait for the Kingpin Octoballer to pass by. Once the way is clear, continue upwards and toss a Curling Bomb directly ahead of you. Swim behind the bomb (where you just inked) and squid-jump over to the small platform on your right, where you should see the crate containing this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 17 – Octocommander Fortress

This lair’s Sunken Scroll can be found beneath the final checkpoint that you reach. Look beneath the checkpoint to find a small crate with this Sunken Scroll inside.

Lair 18 – Towering Heights

After dealing with the three Octosnipers in this lair, drop down into the grated platform that is near them. Here you should find a small crate, which you can break open to obtain this lair’s Sunken Scroll inside.

Lair 19 – The Experimentorium

This lair’s Sunken Scroll is originally out of reach, situated high atop a platform that you can’t get to. Luckily, you can make the Sunken Scroll drop down to a more reachable vantage by activating a Splat Switch in the level. The trick to finding this switch is to start atop the wall where you can see a Grapplink in the distance. Aim at it, and then launch yourself forward. As you fall, look for a second Grapplink and fire at it. Now this is where things get tricky. There are two more Grapplinks you’ll need to find and shoot to as you fall. After you strike the fourth one, look to your left and you should see a Splat Switch, which you can shoot to make the Sunken Scroll fall so you can reach it.

Lair 20 – Propellerland

This lair’s Sunken Scroll can be found after accessing the platform with the second Vault. From here, turn around and shoot the propeller. This will cause the platform to rise, and you should keep an eye out for a hidden Splat Switch on the edge. Hit it to cause a narrow walkway to appear, allowing you to grab the Sunken Scroll and claim it.

Lair 21 – Octolings Ahoy!

You’ll find this Sunken Scroll stored in a crate on a yellow grate. Look out for the crate, and then drop down onto it from the platform above after you free the mini Zapfish nearby. You’ll want to clear out the two Octosnipers nearby, too. That will assure you don’t get splatted trying to grab this collectible.

Cephalon HQ

This Sunken Scroll is a bit harder to obtain than those in previous areas, as you’ll need to hit all the balloons from a moving platform. We’d suggest using the Hero Charger for this section, as it will be the easiest way to grab the balloons and take them out. The first balloon can be found floating near Lair 25, where you climb onto the moving platform. From here, continue around until you’ve managed to hit all the balloons. If you aren’t fast enough, restart the process until you get it and obtain this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 22 – Underground Expressway

This Sunken Scroll can be grabbed from an invisible platform beneath the Zapfish that you grab in the middle of this lair. While heading up the ramp towards the Zapfish, fling some ink over the right side to reveal and invisible platform that you can drop down onto and follow to find this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 23 – The Octogalaxy

Look for the colorful pillars that keep extending and retracting to find this Sunken Scroll. You’ll need to hitch a grind on the Ride Rail near the first column, and get ready to hit squid form to duck beneath the Ink pistons that block the way. After passing the first pillar, jump to the Ride Rail on your right, which will lead you to an isolated platform with a Shielded Twintacle Octotrooper. From here, take out the enemy, and then look the nearby crate for this Sunken Scroll.

Lair 24 – Transfer Junction

This Sunken Scroll is found after you eliminate the Octotroopers on the platform in the middle of the last section of the lair. After clearing the platform, look over the edge to spot a sponge below. Fill it up, and then drop onto the sponge to reach this hidden area where this lair’s Sunken Scroll can be found.

Lair 25 – Platform Madhouse

Look out for a diamond-shaped Splat Switch near one of the Zapfish that you collect to reveal a hidden launchpad that you can use to reach a new platform. Use the launchpad, and then side-step the Octostamp DX when he tries to attack you. Ink his side, and ride up his back to reach another launchpad, which will send you off to another platform, where you’ll find a large stack of crates. Smash all of the crates to retrieve some Power Eggs as well as this lair’s Sunken Scroll.

Lair 26 – Paradise Lanes

Move towards the launchpad on the third set of platforms that you reach in this lair, and look for a stack of Octoballers rolling down a set of lanes. Don’t use the launchpad just yet, though. Instead, turn to spot a crate that you can reach by squid-jumping across the lanes. This lair’s Sunken Scroll can be found inside the crate.

Lair 27 – Octoling Workout

You’ll find this Sunken Scroll inside of an invisible crate near the central catwalk in this level. Ink the raised platform to cause the crate to appear, and then shoot it until it bursts to grab this Sunken Scroll.

That’s all of the Sunken Scroll in Splatoon 2. Now that you know how to collect all of them be sure to head back over to our Splatoon 2 guide where you’ll find an assortment of other helpful articles like how to defeat the Octobot King II, or even how to unlock Hero weapons in multiplayer.