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Spiritfarer Food Guide, Which Foods Passengers Dislike and Like

by Liana Ruppert

Want a game that will make you feel good and bawl your eyes out at the same time? Then you should definitely check out Spiritfarer, a management game about dying that places players in the role of a ferry master named Stella that helps care for spirits before they move on.

To be the best ferry master you can be, you’re going to want to know the likes and dislikes of your passengers! 

Spiritfarer Favorite Foods Guide, Which Foods Passengers Dislike and Like

Just like in real life, the dead have their preferences and to make them happy, giving them their favorite foods to enjoy as they pass on is key. To make being the hostess with the mostess even easier, here is a helpful breakdown of what each character likes and dislikes when filling them up!

Character (Alphabetical) 



Favourite: Veggie Pot-Pie

Likes: Desserts and Old-Fashioned Food

Dislikes: Coffee, Tea, and Exotic Food


Favourite: Noodle Soup

Likes: Plain Food

Dislikes: Sweets and Fancy/Fine Dining


Favourite: Pork Chops

This character is easy, they like everything so no worries about dislikes.

Mickey and Bruce

Favourites: Garlic Bread

Likes: Pub Food

Dislikes: Simple Food and Seafood


Favourites: Tomato Pizza

Likes: Comfort Food and Old-Fashioned Food

Dislikes: Dairy Foods and Fruit


Favourites: Green Salad 

Likes: Plain and Healthy Food

Dislikes: Anything Unhealthy, Meats


Favourites: Beef Fondue 

Likes: Fine Dining, Coffee, and Tea

Dislikes: Eggs and Carbs


Favourites: Surstromming (You’re going to need to catch a herring)

Likes: Exotic Food and Acquired Taste

Dislikes: Sweets, Fruit, Fried Food


Favourites: Black Coffee (My girl)

Likes: Comfort Food, Fine Dining

Dislikes: Shellfish, Fruit


Favourites: French Fries

Likes: Breakfast, Desserts

Dislikes: Veggies, Fruit, Coffee and Tea


Favourites: Green Salad

Likes: Desserts and Salads

Dislikes: Meat and Dairy

And that’s what you need to know about culinary likes and dislikes in Spiritfarer! To check out the game for yourself, this adventure is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia! Happy gaming!