Soul Calibur 6 has multiple story modes, and playing through them will grant you various items and characters in the game. In fact, you can unlock Inferno in Soul Calibur 6 by playing through one of the story modes. While Inferno is mostly a copy of Nightmare, he does have a few moves of his own, similar to previous versions of the character. In this article we’ll cover how to unlock Inferno in Soul Calibur 6 so you can start playing as the boss character as soon as possible.

How to Unlock Inferno

  • Beat Chronicle of Souls Episode 19

In order to unlock Inferno in Soul Calibur 6 you need to play through the Chronicle of Souls mode until you reach episode 19. Complete episode 19 and you will unlock Inferno, as well as a gallery for the episode that can be viewed in the Museum mode. It’s unknown if Inferno is the only character that you can unlock in Soul Calibur 6, but given how the character select screen looks when you first play the game, most people assume there are more characters to be unlocked.

While Inferno is mostly a character who plays like Nightmare, he does have a few unique attacks all his own. It will be unlikely to see Inferno played in a competitive setting, as he's already been banned from all official Bandai Namco tournaments, and cannot be played online, but if you’re just playing around with friends, Inferno is a fun addition to the Soul Calibur 6 cast.

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