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Sons of the Forest Update Introduces a Much Needed Hotkey Bar

Sons of the Forest got up to FPS game standards, big QoL change.

by Nikola L

Sons of the Forest originally had the idea of manipulating your inventory in a pretty unique way, where you need to open everything up and select tools or weapons that you want to equip. Surely, there is a Backpack mechanic with which you can just simply take out your Backpack and have quick access to pieces of your inventory that you have assigned to your Backpack. However, that didn’t seem sufficient to the gaming community, and people just wanted to use their 1-9 key binds for quick selection, like they did in the past thirty-plus years. Prayers have been answered, and the Sons of the Forest update now introduces a hotkey system. It’s not really a bar, per se, but it’s hot anyway. Prima Games is here to tell you how you can quickly adopt this new hotkey system and have a bit easier experience in Sons of the Forest.

How to Hotkey Items in Sons of the Forest

Hotkeying items in Sons of the Forest is actually pretty easy, but the game doesn’t explain it to you (yet, at least). Press “I” (Default) to open your inventory. Now, when you mouse over an item you’ll notice a small square appearing. Let’s say you want to hotkey your pistol. You would open the crate, mouse over the pistol, and then hold the number you want to hotkey the pistol to. If you want it to be on the “2” then you hold the number 2 on your keyboard. You will see the square fill up and then, number 2 will stand there.

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How to use Hotkeys in Sons of the Forest

After you finish mapping the most important items for you, including meds, food, armor, and axe, when you get out of your inventory and press “2”, your pistol will be drawn, if you have mapped it to number 2.

That’s about it for this guide. If you are looking for more Sons of the Forest content on Prima Games, please check out our game tag below, and pay a visit to our YouTube channel as well. See you soon!

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