Sons of the Forest Update 14: Full Patch Notes Listed

More caves, but no Captain Caveman yet!

Sons of the forest Patch Notes Update 14 SotF
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Endnight Games has blessed us with Sons of the Forest Update 14, which brings a new cave, items, and other cool stuff. See what’s cooking in the Patch Notes below.

Endnight Games Statement on the Patch Notes for Sons of the Forest Update 14

Endnight Games has made the following comment on the Update 14:

Hey everyone,

This patch adds a new small cave along with the second to last ??? findable item. We also added the ability to craft explosive, fire, shock and poison arrows. Along with this, there are 5 new findable blueprints in the world, and 2 new structures added to the book.

We also added some new story note pickups, and the ability to view previously collected notes via a stack kept in the inventory. There are also a bunch of new points of interest and pickups added to the map, as well as new details and decorations added to many of the cannibal villages in the world.

Finally we added a new cannibal type, Igor, and tweaked the muddy cannibals A.I. so they will now prioritize eating instead of attacking and fixed and improved a bunch of other things all listed below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub.


  • New small cave added to map
  • Added another ??? findable item
  • You can now view all the notes you find around the world via the group of pages item in inventory
  • Added 3 new findable blueprint traps and 2 other findable blueprints
  • Added buildable spear holder
  • Added buildable double bed
  • Added new cannibal type ‘Igor’
  • Added some new note pickups
  • Added new decorative magazine and book
  • Added new crafting animation for crafting GPS trackers
  • Added a bunch of new details, pickups and environment details to world
  • Added various details to many of the cannibal villages
  • Extended and detailed the 3 ice caves
  • Added new facial deformities to some cannibal faces
  • Added new draped tarp pickups on some stumps and skeletons in world
  • Muddies will now gather to pray to their own effigies that were added to various places around the world and will now prioritize food over everything else


  • Cannibals with skin masks or bags on their heads now have more agitated idle animations
  • Tactical bow resting idle can now be aimed down slightly further, bringing it in line with the crafted bow idle animation
  • When holding a bow and equipping the lighter, the lighter will no longer float through the air towards the players hand
  • Overweight Male Cannibals now have an alternate burning animation which fixes a bug where they would pop from prone to standing
  • Heavy Cannibals’ drink water animation has been cleaned up so that their club is in the correct position in their hand
  • Added more deer and land turtles to the far side of map
  • Twins now has an electrocute reaction
  • When the player skins dead animals, other players will now see the knife and pickup in their hands
  • Improved the look of creepy Virginia and demon wetness masks
  • Improved albedo on fishing huts
  • Converted various pickups to use more performant primitives colliders
  • Improved look and detail of many of the story note pages
  • Added extra fog to mountains and added more fog details on far side of map
  • Added poisoned status support to characters, they will lose health and energy and sometimes get injured and stop attacking when poisoned, and multiple poison effects will stack
  • Arrows that break a piece of armor will attach to the enemy instead of falling off
  • Items dropped on killing a character should now retain item instance data if there is any stored
  • Cannibals carrying a torch will now drop their torch on death
  • Improved issues with hitting or electrocuting cannibals on trees not knocking them off
  • When a client dismembers a dead body, the limbs now spawn in the position they see them
  • Adjusted killer whales away from some too shallow areas, and fixed visual issue with their jump
  • Filled the large lake on the far side of the mountain with fish
  • Improved the look of cycling arrows on the bow by not having the arrow flicker while switching to to the next arrow
  • Improved how lighting held items work
  • Added some randomization to tarp bounces
  • When dismounting the Knight V you will now re-equip your previous weapon
  • Improved look of Common Juniper billboard
  • Added far distance stippling when billboards are disabled/enabled
  • Added wind effect to placed tarps
  • Some vegetation added to cliff and mountain meshes
  • Pipes and drips added in bunker food corridor
  • Some small environment changes and updates for new points of interest
  • Lake details layout improved
  • Entertainment bunker entrance adjusted to not get momentarily stuck in rock when entering
  • Oak tree albedo map adjustment to blend better with environment


  • Reduced baby attack damage from 15 to 10
  • The animation for the player retrieving their backpack after a death has been sped up and shortened
  • On sleep interruption, players will now sometimes find multiple enemies close by
  • Masked cannibals will sometimes get out of breath
  • A fire status impact on a dead body will now burn it to bones (eg. fire arrows or torch)
  • When muddies eat, it will reduce their anger and make them more likely to ignore the player, and they are now more likely to be distracted by food during combat
  • Set Dead Stump A break amount to 10 (so one hit breaks)


  • Fixed dismembered limbs on dead bodies coming back after loading game
  • Fixed issue where placing severed head on a stick could break other player actions
  • Fixed index array exception in multiplayer when a player equips their third modded weapon
  • Fixed locking and unlocking doors in player bases not updating the navigation graph, and fixed some missing door setup
  • Fixed some cases of navigation links from bases to terrain not refreshing and improved accuracy of check for the navigation links
  • Fixed rock beam not updating nav cut when it’s finished or partially dismantled
  • Fixed leaning beams navigation cuts not applying scale correctly
  • Fixed some issues with ramp navigation not linking segments correctly
  • Fixed trees not falling properly in multiplayer when destroyed with an explosive
  • Fixed falling trees not dealing damage to multiplayer clients
  • Fixed twins climb out of ground not immediately completing when alerted, and disabled climbing out of bunker floors
  • Fixed heavy cannibal death on back looping glitch
  • Fixed some regular cannibal types always glowing in the dark
  • Fix for some note pickups being obscured by thumb when held
  • Fixed look of alpha on newspaper clippings
  • Fix for email pickup normals looking blocky
  • Fixed spear being hard to pickup when looking at extremities
  • Fixed placing a pillar next to an apex breaking the nearby apex supported beam
  • Fixed incorrect deck rail placement option when targeting a full wall without a beam above while holding a log plank
  • Fixed carrying gold mask enemy not showing mask
  • Removed pistol reload animation from the bows animation graph and stopped it from trying to perform the reloading animation if the lighter was also equipped
  • Fixed issue where message notifications on the left side of the screen would not show up properly is there was an already active notification on the screen
  • Fix some visual jerkiness when large animals or enemies turn on terrain slopes
  • Fix some driftwood at beach reappearing after breaking
  • Fixed player knocked down when holding a bow causing jerkiness of camera and animation
  • Fixed case where damaged beams could prevent placing floor planks
  • Fixed structures attached to beams floating if the pillars supporting it are cut
  • Fixed case where placing a grounded beam near a hill would result with a beam into a broken state
  • Fixed bridge rope UI not turning red after reaching max distance without touching a structure
  • Fixed dismantling standing fire not working
  • Fixed fishing huts lod1 not using the right material with support for occlusion
  • Fixed snow occlusion popping in Fishing huts/Snow cabin sometimes when looking up
  • Fixed bad player state when opening inventory while unequipping book or using shovel
  • Fixed radios in multiplayer not playing in sync or not playing at all in some case
  • Fixed propane burners explosion not synced properly in multiplayer
  • Fixed traps not triggering on first frame in multiplayer
  • Fixed animation visual issues when eating consumables from world
  • Fixed menu buttons hologram background and final death screen text showing as squares in some languages
  • Fixed final death screen not scaling properly with resolution
  • Fixed final death screen localization
  • Fix for Inventory item info UI sometimes not turning off when hovering over buttons that also had UI elements
  • Fixed material memory leaks in Book / Inventory
  • Fix visual popping for aloe, arrow leaf and spreading phlox in some cases
  • Fixed displacement on water/streams not working correctly
  • Fix for some density volumes getting culled
  • Fix for broken Spreading Phlox Burn error
  • Fix for visible gap in streams section LODs


  • Added audio for stepping on large piles of gore
  • Added new Solafite ore pickup event
  • Added event for bumping swinging lantern
  • Moved pickaxe sting to music category
  • Added event for weapons impacting hanging gore
  • Added gore footstep jump event
  • Added force SFX mute while 3d audio blocker active

That’s all for this update! Make sure to check the Update 13 Patch Notes if you’ve missed them.

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