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Sonic Mania – All 7 Chaos Emerald and Special Stage Locations

by Josh Hawkins

If you want to unlock Sonic’s Super Sonic mode, you’re going to need to find and complete seven different Special Stages, which can be found throughout the different levels that you take part in. In this article we’ll break down the locations of all seven of the Special Stages in Sonic Mania, and even offer a few tips to help you complete them and unlock their Chaos Emeralds.

It should be noted, this guide will be updating along the way as we discover the locations of more Special Stages so be sure to check back often for updated information.

How to Beat Special Stages

The trick to beating Special Stages, and catching the UFO is to collect every blue orb that you can. This will increase Sonic’s speed, and if you can increase his speed enough, he’ll be able to catch the UFO and earn the Chaos Emerald. Now that you know how to beat Special Stages, let’s dive into the locations of every Special Stage entrance.

Special Stage 1 – Green Hill Zone – Act 1

The first Special Stage can be found inside of Green Hill Zone – Act 1. Make your way straight through the pair of “S”-shaped tunnels, and then bust through the wall and past the area with the rising and falling pillars. Jump over the spike pits, and you should spot the Special Stage just ahead.

Special Stage 2 – Green Hill Zone – Act 2

To find this Special Stage, jump through the ground at the start of the level and move right until you hit a bounce-pad. Use the bounce pad to jump up, and then cross the bridge and move across the moving platforms up ahead. From here, cross the bridge and jump across the moving platforms to reach the upper area of the map. Once here, move across the next bridge and look for the golden ring to the right of the yellow bounce pad. From here, all you need to do is bounce up and wait for the ledge to crumble. This will drop you down onto a yellow bounce pad, which you can use to reach the alcove on the left—where the ring is waiting.

Special Stage 3 – Chemical Plant Zone – Act 1

The next Special Stage can be found in Act 1 of the Chemical Plant Zone. Run along the lower tube until Sonic is bounced backwards and through a loop. When this happens, make your way to the ring box nearby, and enter the clear tube. This will allow you to follow the underwater chemical passage through loops and an open door, eventually leading you to a new area with a metal-like backdrop. Once here, drop down to find the hidden path that leads to this Special Stage.

We’ll be updating this guide with even more Special Stages soon, so be sure to check back to see the most up to date information about how to find every Special Stage in Sonic Mania. You can also check out our Sonic Mania tips, where we’ll share some helpful tips to lead you successful through the Eggman’s latest trials.