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Snorunt Pokemon Sword and Shield Location Guide

by Ginny Woo

So you’ve picked up Pokemon Sword and Shield over the holidays, and you’re trying to fill out your Pokedex. We get it: we’re collecting fiends too, and who doesn’t want to be the best trainer that there ever was? If you’re trying to get your mitts on one particular Ice-type Pokemon that’s shaped deceivingly like an onigiri, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our Snorunt Pokemon Sword and Shield location guide.

Snorunt Pokemon Sword and Shield Location Guide

If you’re someone that’s after a Snorunt, then you’re definitely going to have to be prepared to brave some pretty extreme weather to get one. These little buggers’ Pokedex entry describes them as follows, “It’s said that if they are seen at midnight, they’ll cause heavy snow,” after all. It’s only fitting that to find a Snorunt in Pokemon Sword and Shield will mean that it has to be entier during snowy or snowstorm conditions. 

We’ve outlined the various locations that you can find a Snorunt, along with the relevant weather condition necessary for them to waddle right into your path:

  • Dappled Grove (snowing or snowstorm)
  • East Lake Axewell (snowing)
  • Giant’s Cap (snowing or snowstorm)
  • Giant’s Seat (snowing or snowstorm)
  • Hammerlocke Hills (snowing or snowstorm)
  • North Lake Miloch (snowing or snowstorm)
  • Route 8 (any weather)
  • South Lake Miloch (snowing)
  • Watchtower Ruins (snowing or snowstorm)
  • West Lake Axewell (snowing)

Essentially, if you’re not wanting to have to worry about whether it needs to be absolutely pelting down with that white while you’re adventuring in Pokemon Sword and Shield, then you’re just going to want to make a beeline for Route 8 to find your Snorunt regardless of the weather conditions in-game. The chance of picking one up is about 25% on this route, so honestly, making the trek out to somewhere like Giant’s Seat might not even be all that worth it. However, if you do head to one of the other locations and it isn’t snowing, you can check out our guide on how to change the weather to make sure that you can still catch a Snorunt.

Now that you’ve got a better handle on the Snorunt Pokemon Sword and Shield locations, getting one of your own should be relatively easy. Need a hand with anything else while you traipse around the Galar region with your team? Check out the following guides that we’ve put together:

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