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Sniper Elite 4 – How to Unlock the Trench Gun

by Josh Hawkins

One of your main goals in Sniper Elite 4 is to stay hidden and undetected by the German forces in each level. Sometimes staying hidden isn’t an option, though, and that is when weapons like the Trench Gun shotgun come in handy. In this article we’ll show you the easiest way to unlock the Trench Gun in Sniper Elite 4, as well as offer up some additional advice to help you use it effectively.

How to Unlock the Trench Gun

Unlike the other weapons in Sniper Elite 4, the Trench Gun cannot simply be bought. In order to unlock it you must complete a special objective and kill an enemy sniper with a Trench Gun. This means you’ll need to locate a Trench Gun within a level and then find an enemy sniper to use it on. We’ve outlined one of the easiest ways to obtain this goal, and in order to do it you’ll need to unlock the mission titled Regilino Viaduct. This is the level where Karl is tasked with destroying a German railgun.

Once you have the mission, launch it, and make your way through the level to the location of the ammo dump that is marked as an optional objective. There are several enemies in the area, so be careful as you make your way forward. This area is located just north of the railgun’s location. The sniper that you are targeting can be found along the railroad bridge that the railgun is currently parked atop. You’ll want to be careful as you clear the surrounding soldiers from the ammo dump, as the sniper will be able to spot you and attack you. Do not take him out using your Sniper Rifle.

Instead, make your way through the huts in the camp surrounding the ammo dump and look out for a Trench Gun, which can be found in a safe inside one of the huts. Once you have the shotgun, make your way across the bridge, taking out any enemies that get in your way. The enemy sniper moves around some, so be wary of where you are standing when he moves.

We found it easiest to move along the backside of the train, as this kept us out of the enemy sniper’s view more often than not. Clear out the other soldiers in the area using the railgun noises to mask your shots, then sneak up behind the sniper and kill him using the Trench Gun. Once the sniper is dead the Trench Gun will unlock and you can equip it the next time you head into a mission.

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