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Sniper Elite 4 – All Last Letter Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Last Letters are just one of several items that players can find and collect in Sniper Elite 4. These items help tell the backstory of the various soldiers that players run into throughout their campaign to weaken the German war machine. Today we’ll show you how to find every single one of these Last Letters in Sniper Elite 4, which are required to earn a special trophy, The Collector.

San Celini Island

The first mission of the game contains a total of five Last Letters.

Last Letter #1 – Family Concerns

The first Last Letter can be found on a soldier patrolling the area around the farm to the left of the bridge that leads towards General Schmidt’s villa. This is also one of the four areas where you can find an Officer in this mission. Use the Binoculars to mark the soldiers in the area, and scan them to find out which one is holding this special item.

Last Letter #2 – The Meaning of Life

The second Last Letter can be looted from the body of a soldier patrolling the canyon in the middle of the map. Gain access using the paths that lead through the nearby cliffs, and then look for this soldier in the middle of the area, near the water.

Last Letter #3 – Do Not Grieve

To find the third Last Letter in this mission, make your way down to the dock where the second Officer is patrolling. Here you will find a German soldier patrolling the southwestern side of the docks. Kill and loot this soldier to obtain this Last Letter.

Last Letter #4 – Paradise Regained

Players will find the fourth Last Letter on the body of a soldier positioned in the village just south of General Schmidt’s villa. Use the Binoculars from afar to mark any soldiers in the area, then look for a German Infantry unit patrolling the streets. Take the German soldier down, then loot his body to uncover this Last Letter.

Last Letter #5 – A Willing Sacrifice

The final Last Letter on San Celini Island is found near General Schmidt’s villa. Make your way to the main house and mark any soldiers surrounding it. The soldier that you are looking for can be found patrolling near the rear of the main house. Take him out and loot his body to obtain his final Last Letter.

Bitanti Village

The second mission in the Sniper Elite 4 campaign holds five Last Letters for players to find and collect.

Last Letter #1 – A Letter of Forgiveness

The first Last Letter in the second mission is found shortly after the start of the mission. Take out the soldier on the right, as you head into the dock area, and then loot his body to find this collectible.

Last Letter #2 – The Poetry of Death

The next Last Letter is found after the fight between the Partisans and the Germans. Help the Partisans clear out the enemies, then search the surrounding area to find this Last Letter on the body of a soldier.

Last Letter #3 – From Afar

The third Last Letter can also be found on the body of a dead German soldier after the fight between the soldiers and the Partisans near the church. Kill all the soldiers and then search the area to find this Last Letter on one of the corpses.

Last Letter #4 – Saving For the Future

Locate the large barn area just south of the castle entrance where you have to meet Sofia to end the mission. There should be at least one soldier patrolling this area. If you take out the soldiers near this area and loot their bodies you can obtain the fourth Last Letter in this mission.

Last Letter #5 – Fishy Berta

The final Last Letter is found close to the entrance of the castle. Make your way towards the marker you get after finding Sofia’s note in the Partisan HQ. As you near the entrance, use your binoculars to mark the soldiers and look for a soldier named Clemens Ackermann. Take out this soldier and loot his body to discover this final Last Letter.

We’ll continue updating this guide with new locations as we discover them. Be sure to return to our Sniper Elite 4 guide for more details about the game. We also have guides on how to locate every Duty Roster, as well as a guide on all the Stone Eagle locations in the game.

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