SMITE Cupid Build Guide: How to Build Cupid in SMITE

Find out how to maximize your damage and utility of this cute God.

Cupid is definitely the cutest Hunter out there, with a lot of potential and drawbacks for different situations in a Conquest match. In this guide, we’ll go in-depth about all things related to Cupid, including a couple of best builds you can try out in different matchups.

BEST Cupid Builds in SMITE (Summer 2022)

First of all, let’s present some pros and cons of Cupid, which will be useful to know:


  • Very powerful clear, especially potent in the early game if used correctly, and very useful as an additional Stun in the team later on – not to mention his Ultimate.
  • Has a brilliant Dash ability that also gives a buff to your teammates (Attack Speed is always cool!).
  • Has a healing ability that is not great in team fights, but helps a lot during the laning phase.


  • Be wary of enemy junglers because if you die much early or just get pushed around too much, you are at high risk of falling behind A LOT and having little to no opportunities to get back in the game.
  • Cupid is very squishy.
  • Ulti needs to be charged fully so that it evolves into a Stun, otherwise Mesmerize (Mez) gets broken easily.

Skill Build for Cupid in SMITE

Prioritization for leveling of your skills should be like this:

If his Ultimate (Fields of Love) is available, take it. If not, take the first ability (Heart Bomb). If Heart Bomb is not unavailable, take the second ability (Share the Love), and if Share the Love isn’t ready, take the third ability (Flutter). So, in other words: 4>1>2>3.

You can also NOT level anything at level 8 so that you can have two skill points to spend on Level 9 on Heart Bomb and Ultimate (Fields of Love). This is done because you need to have your damage at maximum because Cupid sadly only has two damage spells, and when speaking about the other two abilities, getting healed is better.

Item Build for Cupid in SMITE

As is the case with many Hunters, there are two viable builds for Cupid: Crit and Non-Crit build. This depends on what you are matched up with or against because some comps are impervious to crits and it is, therefore, useless to build it – but such comps tend to be more vulnerable to the Non-Crit build, so you’re good to go.

Crit Build for Cupid in SMITE

This build provides you with a decent chance of crit, and on proc, a lot of attack speed which plays well with the Silverbranch Bow. The goal is to just burst down the enemy team ASAP and to prevail in a team fight:

  • Death’s Toll / Death’s Embrace or Leather Cowl / Hunter’s Cowl
  • Transcendence / Ichaival
  • Atalanta’s Bow
  • Wind Demon
  • Silverbranch Bow
  • Deathbringer of your choice

Non-Crit Build for Cupid in SMITE

This build provides you with a great deal of Penetration, Attack Speed, and can potentially do more damage than the Crit Build:

  • Death’s Toll / Death’s Embrace or Leather Cowl / Hunter’s Cowl
  • Qin’s Sais
  • Asi
  • Ichaival
  • Silverbranch Bow
  • Dominance

Situational Items for Cupid in SMITE

Of course, not every build is a cookie cutter for every match, so there are things to consider:

  • Toxic Blade is great if the enemy team has too many heals. You could take out Ichaival in order to get Toxic Blade.
  • Titan’s Bane is great if the enemy team is too tanky.
  • Magi’s Cloak is great if the enemy team has just too many CC abilities.
  • Bloodforge is a very potent item as well, gives a lot of flat damage, great lifesteal, great shield, and movement speed bonuses.
  • Devourer’s Gauntlet is another stackable item like Transcendence, you can change between these two easily.
  • The Executioner is also, like Titan’s Bane, great to cull through the protection of your enemies in the Non-Crit build.

Relics for Cupid in SMITE

You’ll usually end up with Beads and Aegis. Some absolute maniacs buy Blink to suddenly position themselves between the enemies to deploy the Ultimate. It’s a risky strategy because you get easily get two-shotted if things go south, but there’s always Beads and Dash to get the hell out and have your team pick up the mess that you’ve started.

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