Should You Recruit Ashton in Star Ocean The Second Story R?

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One of the possible members in the Star Ocean The Second Story R cast is Ashton. He’ll gladly accompany you in your journey if you take responsibility for your actions, but should you recruit Ashton or Opera in Star Ocean The Second Story R?

How to Recruit Ashton in Star Ocean Second Story R

After you complete the Forest of Symbols portion early in the story, you can travel to Harley and take the boat to Hilton to continue your journey. But if you speak with an old man by the entrance, you can unlock Ashton’s sidequest. He mentions a dragon in Salva, so you decide to visit the city once again to investigate.

Once you’re there, speaking with the locals will let you know that the dragon is inside the Mines, and a young swordsman is also on his way to slay it. Enter the mines and go to the left path (previously blocked off) to find the portion where the dragon is hiding. You’ll see Ashton running around a few times here, so keep following him.

Once you finally encounter him, he has the dragon cornered. But Claude and Rena decide to cheer him up, which makes him turn his back to the dragon. Once he does, the dragon fuses itself with him and he gets that unique draconic look. He demands you to take responsibility for your acts, and doing so means recruiting and helping him find a cure.


Obtaining Ashton locks you out from getting Opera and, consequently, Ernest.

Should You Recruit Ashton?

Ashton is one of the strongest fighters in the late game and you should definitely pick him up if you don’t plan on getting Opera. He has a lot of unique Special Arts that let him solo some of the most powerful challenges around like Tri-Ace, and he’s obtained early, which makes it easier to learn and build him in the long run.

He has access to many powerful weapons, and customizing materials can get you some interesting combinations quite early. Those special weapons can probably carry you for the longest time, so you won’t even need to bother changing equipment often. Compared to Opera, he has more personal damage and less utility.

But Opera aside, there’s no real reason to deny him unless you don’t enjoy his aesthetics or are planning for a completely different party. Oh, and don’t return to the cavern if you’re avoiding getting him. Otherwise, something funny happens.

One of the strongest characters available.Takes a while until he reaches end-game status where he truly shines.
The early game is better if you ditched Celine.You’ll forfeit Opera (and Ernest) if you pick him.
Can hold powerful weapons early that will carry you easily through the game.Requires some in-depth investment.

We still personally prefer Opera for a run, but he’s easily one of the best characters you can recruit and can be arguably as powerful as Dias in later stages. He’s also an early pick, so you won’t suffer much until you get past Lacuer, where you can finally get new members if you reject both him and Celine. You start finding even more possible allies by that point in the game.

Should You Recruit Opera?

If you’re not in the market for Ashton’s strength as a powerful fighter, then yes you should recruit Opera. Opera is fantastic against enemies that you’ll need long-range damage for, such as flying types. Opera also has good skills like Machinist and Healing Star, making her exceptionally versatile.

How to Recruit Opera

You’ll only be able to recruit Opera if you don’t have Ashton as a companion. You’ll be able to recruit her after doing the quest Armory Contest in Lacuer City, in which Claude fights Dias. To unlock this quest, you’ll first need to find the three-eyed man Ernest in Krosse City.

You’ll be able to get information about him by going to the bar in Hilton for the first time. From there, you’ll need to meet Krosse City’s king to unlock the next step. Next, head to Mountain Palace, where you’ll find Opera at the entrance. Talk to her and she’ll ask to join you.

Should You Recruit Ashton or Opera in Star Ocean The Second Story R?

In regards to whether you should recruit Ashton or Opera, we think you should go with Opera. Opera is overall better than Ashton in every way. Opera is very strong against flying enemies with her long-range attacks. Her stats and skillsets are superior as well. However, it ultimately depends on personal preference whether you want Ashton or Opera. You might prefer Ashton for enemies that need close-range damage.

We hope you enjoyed our Star Ocean The Second Story guide on choosing between Ashton or Opera. You can find more Star Ocean guides at Prima Games by following our tag for it below.

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