Should You Kill or Speak to Warlord in Starfield (Bare Metal) – Answered

Frank doesn't care which you do.

Head into Neon’s local gun shop, Neon Tactical, and you’ll find a one-eyed man with a big chip on his shoulder. And the source of that chip? Warlord, a member of the Neon gang disciples, who’s taken to tagging the shopkeep’s bodyguard bot. But it’s very likely that Warlord isn’t going to stop at graffiti, and it’s up to us to stop him. But should you speak to Warlord or kill him in Starfield?

Is it Better to Kill or Speak to Warlord in Starfield? – Answered

If you’ve spoken to Frank Renick at Neon Tactical, the gun shop on Neon’s main street, you’ll know that he’s a man with a target painted on his back. Warlord, a member of the local gang, the Disciples, wants him dead.

And it’s up to us to de-escalate the situation by either speaking to Warlord or killing him. Here are the consequences of both actions. But first, to find Warlord, you’ll need to head to Ebbside on the left-side of Neon’s main street. The door to the coffee shop will take you right there.

Warlord will have taken up residence in Euphorika, where he’ll be speaking to another Disciple buddy.

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Speaking to Warlord in Starfield’s Quest Bare Metals – Consequences

If you opt to speak to Warlord, you’ll quickly find that he doesn’t really intend to kill Frank, though Frank’s pretty convinced otherwise. Instead, he tagged Styx as a way to get back at Frank in a petty way. That makes the option to [Persuade] him the more reasonable path to go down.

But persuading Warlord is difficult. You’ll need to hit eight nodes to pass it. Note, when it comes to persuasion, you have unlimited turns, so long as you don’t fail. That means that picking “green” options is usually the best bet at the end, while taking high risk +4 moves are best in the beginning.

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If you succeed, he’ll give you the credits to pay for Styx’s damages. And he’ll admit that his gun arm is shredded, making him zero threat to Frank.

Return to Frank, and he’ll give you 4,300 credits.  

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Killing Warlord in Starfield’s Quest Bare Metal – Consequences

Speak to Warlord, and he’ll admit that he broke into Frank’s shop to rob the place. Styx then mowed down a few members of his crew, and Warlord is still bitter about it. You can opt to persuade him to leave Frank and Styx alone… or you can attack him.

Warlord is level 6 and his buddy isn’t much stronger. But you will have to fight both. You can then loot Warlord’s body to grab “Warlord’s Credits” and then a separate 1,553 credits. Along with Disciples Streetwear, which looks pretty sick.

Frank won’t care that you killed Warlord, and in fact is pretty sure that he deserved it. He’ll then give you 4300 credits.

Yep! Your rewards are pretty much the same. But technically, killing Warlord is more profitable, as you’ll get 1,000~ credits, new apparel, and two guns to loot and sell to Frank. But it’s also the morally wrong thing to do, so go with whatever feels right.

And while you’re in Euphorika, be sure to pick up the nearby companion. There are quite a few companions in Neon, and you’ll want to collect the best ones for your crew.

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