Should You Kill or Spare Larry in Starfield Breaking the Bank Mission? – Answered

He's as bald as he is a criminal.

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While you progress through the missions of Starfield, you’re bound to run into scenarios with optional ways of going about things. Whether it be to take some money or not or something much larger like whether to spare someone’s life, you’re presented with a lot of choices that seem daunting at first. One such choice comes up during the Crimson Fleet questline and is worth thinking about a bit. Here’s whether you should kill or spare Larry during the mission Breaking the Bank in Starfield.

Is It Worth It to Kill Larry in Starfield?

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While the ability to kill Larry Dumbrosky (what a last name) comes up almost immediately, I advise you not to do this. Instead, you should spare him and save yourself the trouble. Regardless, I’ll go over the different paths you can take so you can make your own call.

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If you choose to go find Larry somewhere on the ship and kill him immediately, the rest of the ship won’t be too happy with you. As Rokov mentioned at the start of the mission, any kill made on the ship will sound all alarms, and you’ll be forced to fight your way out. This includes any sort of side objectives like the ES Award that Naeva wants, so you’ll have to find out how to get access to it and steal it with bullets flying at you. Not an ideal situation, but if you’re ready to waste a lot of ammo, then have fun.

What Happens if You Spare Larry?

Starfield Klaudia Swist
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If you choose to spare Larry, then you’ll have to go through a handful of steps to do all of this without killing anyone. You’ll first need to speak to the charity guests in the Ballroom, with one of them having information on Larry being with a woman named Klaudia Swist. Speaking to her and either persuading her or paying her off reveals that she, Larry, and a man named Gabriel Vera are all part of a scheme to defraud GalBank for a ton of cash. She doesn’t have evidence, but she knows Gabriel does.

Starfield Gabriel Vera
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If you go back to the ballroom and speak to Vera, he’ll threaten you and get you to go away. Thankfully, if you speak to Rokov, he has a plan. You can set up a ship-wide emergency by making it seem like life support has gone critical (even when it hasn’t).

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He’ll send you down to a man named Chief Engineer Sardin near the life support, who will need to either be paid off or be told his gambling debt will be wiped by Rokov, to let you in. Once in, flip the three switches, and everyone will be forced into their cabins. This includes Vera, who is now alone.

Starfield Larry Dumbrosky
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If you speak to Vera, he’ll give in and give you the incriminating evidence, which can now be taken to Larry. Speaking to him, he’ll offer you a very simple proposal. Give him the incriminating evidence, and he’ll give you the GalBank credentials. Do so, and you’ll have finished what you came here to do.

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