Should You Kill Jacob in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty? – Answered

Two friendly faces in a wasteland of hostility

Phantom Liberty’s campaign sends you ricocheting from point to point, with a hail of bullets following your every move. Someone wants the president dead. And, inexplicably, it’s V’s job to keep her alive. Which begs the question, should you kill Jacob in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty?

Should You Kill Jacob and Taylor in Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty? – Answered

Madame President has a big ol’ target on her head, but no one’s sure who’s holding the gun. And after a night of dodging mercs, SAMs, and giant robots, your patience for random strangers walking into your apartment might be at an all-time low.

But don’t shoot Jacob and Taylor.

Or, well, you can. It’s not that big of a deal either way. If you kill Jacob and his friend, you’ll kill off two pretty friendly NPCs who will mostly hang out at the apartment and tell you about Phantom Liberty’s new activity, airdrops. They’ll give you helpful tips, and in general, are just pleasant guys to have around.

They’ll also give you some flavor text about the building you’re in and why it’s so abandoned despite being a perfect place for nomads and vagrants. It’s haunted! And a lot of weird things have happened over the years.

But killing them reaps their own unique benefits. Experience. And I suppose a unique cutscene where you and Madame President Meyers haul the bodies to the nearest garbage disposal chute. It’s a sad way to say farewell to the world. But what can you expect from a place called Dogtown?

That being said, if you want to make nice with your two potential roommates, give them plenty of room when you’re talking. I tried to get a nice screenshot of Jacob’s face, but this aggroed them and started off a firefight.

Yes, I save scummed them back into the world of the living. I have no regrets. Jacob and Taylor are great.

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