Should You Help Reed or Songbird in Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty?

Should Songbird go free?

Songbird and Reed Choice Cyberpunk 2077
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One of the most important choices in the entire Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 happens toward the end, forcing you to choose between helping Reed and Songbird. This section of the game will change the last couple of hours in the story and the overall ending, so I’ll help you pick the right path.

Should You Help Songbird or Help Reed in Cyberpunk 2077

When you reach Songbird, you should choose to help Reed capture her. Out of all the endings for Phantom Liberty, attempting to capture Songbird seems to lead to the best ending overall. However, it won’t seem that way at first. So Mi will quickly realize what you tried on her, and she will turn into something like a Cyberpsycho mixed with the Blackwall.

This choice is followed by plenty of destruction, the death of Alex, and more boss fights overall. You get to fight Hansen, and you even get a major encounter with an entire MaxTac unit. This all leads to a final horror-like encounter with Songbird, and you will have an important choice to make then as well.

So why is this the best option? Well, you get more boss fights, and in my own playthrough, it was clear that eliminating Songbird while attempting to help Reed meant the best ending for everyone overall. Even Johnny won’t be able to hide the fact that he actually approves of your choices despite how much death and destruction follows.

You will still be able to get the new ending for Cyberpunk 2077 as a whole if you decide to fight Reed, so don’t worry about that aspect. Choosing to help Songbird isn’t the only way, and at the end of that path, you won’t like the outcome.

Nearly every side quest has at least one choice in Cyberpunk 2077, and you may need to choose between helping Tommie or Fiona as you play more of Phantom Liberty.

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