Should You Betray Huan Daiya or Not in The Best There is Quest in Starfield? – Answered

Be careful in this pirate Game of Thrones.

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In Starfield, you are doing all sorts of nefarious deeds during your Crimson Fleet questline. Of course, there’s the usual space pirate run-of-the-mill: violence, stealth, persuasion, deception, theft, and finally, betrayal. Huan Daiya offers help to get you on board a high-security ship so that you can do your thing. Still, she bails out on you, and during a dialogue near the end of the quest, you can betray Huan Daiya. In this article, we’ll investigate whether you should betray Huan Daiya or not in Starfield.

Is it Better to Betray Huan Daiya or Not in The Best There is Quest in Starfield?

Choosing whether to betray Huan Daiya or not has had a minimal impact on the story the way I experienced it, and here are the upsides and downsides that I’ve discovered:

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What Happens if You Betray Huan Daiya

If you betray Huan Daiya:

  • The security will be chasing her, not you, so you will run away scot-free.
  • Huan Daiya will be furious with you for betraying her and complaining that you’ve set her back big time regarding her smuggling business. She also promises to return the favor of betrayal when the time comes (I haven’t experienced this yet, and I have completed the main Crimson Fleet quest line)
  • Delgado won’t care about the quarrel between the two of you since the job was done.
  • If you are going undercover, your superiors will approve of this action.

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What Happens if You Persuade Doctor Vogel

If you persuade Doctor Vogel successfully:

  • The security will chase you as you try to escape with the prototype. This makes the mission harder, and the persuasion check will be hard if you haven’t sufficiently developed this skill yet.
  • Huan Daiya gets away safely, and nobody bothers her, and she doesn’t bother you. If you want to become a Crimson Fleet pirate, it’s perhaps “in the spirit of the role” to take this option.

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