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Should You Accept or Refuse the Liberation Front in Armored Core 6 NG+ (AC6)?

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The first playthrough of Armored Core 6 gives you three major decisions within the Sortie that lead to different outcomes, but New Game Plus takes that a step further. In Chapter 1, you are forced to refuse or accept the offer of the Liberation Front within a live mission, and I’ll help you make the best choice.

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Should You Accept or Refuse the Liberation Front in AC6?

You should definitely accept the offer from the Liberation Front in AC6 when you start the Dam Complex mission in New Game Plus. Accepting the offer is the first step to reaching the true ending in Armored Core 6. This isn’t even available when you first reach this part of the game in a standard playthrough, which makes it a unique opportunity.

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This offer pops up when you start the “Attack the Dam Complex” mission in Chapter 1. The Liberation Front will give you a choice to attack your Redgun allies and help their cause, or move on like you normally would. Accepting the offer is much more challenging, but you should absolutely try it.

What Happens if You Accept in Armored Core 6?

If you accept the Liberation Front’s offer when you attack the dam complex on NG+, you will have to fight to heavily armed AC hostiles under the Redguns. However, you have all the reinforcements in the area on your side now. As long as you complete the mission with them, you can move on and get to the true ending.

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What Happens if You Refuse in Armored Core 6

When you refuse the offer in NG+, you will simply complete the mission as you normally would. The Redguns will win the battle and you can move onto the next mission in Chapter 1. Just remember that this ruins your chances of getting the true ending until the next New Game Plus run.

Chapter 3 calls for even more choices, and I have the guide just for you so you can choose the best mission in Chapter 3 of Armored Core 6.

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