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Shooty Skies Tips and Tricks – Earn More Coins, Unlock Weapons

by Prima Games Staff

Shooty Skies for iPhone and iPad is one of the most bizarre shooters we’ve played. Instead of piloting a tiny spaceship through hostile alien territory, we guide heroes with names like Sparkles, Meow Z and (good luck pronouncing this one) Qw33goorpps past a Game Boy-spewing hipster, a giant dog head shooting bones from its mouth and a Pop-Tart-firing toaster. It’s weird but also addictive, and the best part? You can download it for free, and the game doesn’t constantly remind you of in-app purchases. 

Without spending money it’ll take a while to unlock everything, which is fine. We don’t want you to fork over lots of cash, but we will offer the following Shooty Skies: Endless Arcade Flyer tips and tricks to help boost your score while earning more virtual coins along the way. 

Charge up your special attack whenever possible 

Pressing the screen causes your character to fire. Releasing your finger, on the other hand, charges your special attack, and it only takes a couple of seconds for it to reach full strength. Achieving this is somewhat tricky, considering the large number of enemies crowding the screen, which is why we often charge the special attack between waves. This prepares us for whatever’s about to appear.  Charge up your attack, press the screen to unleash the homing missiles and then quickly repeat the process. You won’t be able to ride this out for too long, but your score will definitely improve. 

Unlock weapons 

The single shot gun is OK when you first begin playing Shooty Skies, but if you dream of climbing the leaderboards, you will need to spend coins to unlock more powerful hardware, specifically 23M Double Guns, IH IIM Quad Guns and the oddly but not surprisingly named Honey Badger Don’t Care. It won’t take long to earn enough coins to get everything, unless you constantly visit the machine to receive prizes. Hold off on doing this for a little while until you have one or two weapons to help even the odds. 

Tip: The higher your scores, the closer you move towards receiving a mystery prize, which is usually a new character.

Shoot presents 

While playing Shooty Skies, you’ll occasionally see presents floating across the screen amid enemy swarms. Blast these packages and then pick up the contents to receive an in-game bonus, like one or two gunners who fly alongside your character, or another weapon. 

Don’t fly towards coins 

Blasting certain enemies results in coins appearing on-screen. Resist the temptation to fly up to grab these coins, since they will automatically float towards your character. It’s a much better idea to leave a coin or two in limbo than risk losing a life, especially when it costs in excess of 20 coins to continue should you die. 

Tip: Unless you’re close to beating your high score or died on a great run, don’t waste coins continuing. Best to restart and save whatever coins you have for later. 

Earn more coins

Aside from collecting coins during gameplay, you’ll earn more from watching videos from the title screen. Tedious, we know, but you can always put the iPhone or iPad down (or speak to loved ones) until the 30 seconds are up. 

Tip: Completing in-game objectives will result in a free gift, basically a box containing lots of coins. 

Know the enemy

The majority of enemies in Shooty Skies have easily identifiable patterns, and the quicker you learn them all the easier it will be to cheat death, at least for a few more seconds. Either they move a certain way, fire shots that home in on your character or fan out across the screen. Now it’s a matter of dodging like mad to avoid everything.

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