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How to Get Shiny Reshiram in Pokemon GO

by Nicholas Barth

Raids are some of the most exciting and popular activities in the world of Pokemon GO. Reshiram is one of the newest characters that Trainers can battle and catch through the game’s raid activity. There is also the possibility that players could get a Shiny version of this character. Fortunately, we have everything currently known about the Shiny Resihiram covered for you. 

Shiny Reshiram Pokemon GO

Now, players will be able to get the regular version of Reshiram during five-star raids from May 26th until June 16th. There will also be three Raid Hour events for this legendary creature where it will appear in almost every single gum for one hour. These events will be taking place on May 26th, June 3rd, and June 10th at 6 PM local time. 

Unfortunately, Niantic has not revealed any official information regarding a Shinier version of this particular legendary character. However, shiny versions of past legendaries have been added into the game at later dates than their regular versions, such as in the case of Mewtwo. With this in mind, players should expect to see the rarer version of Resihiram become available in Raids at a later time during its event schedule. We will update this piece with any new information regarding the rare version of Resihiram in Pokemon GO when it is made available. 

Shiny Reshiram Pokemon GO

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There is no doubt that plenty of players will be trying their best to get Shiny Resihiram whenever Niantic decides to add the legendary creature to the fan-favorite mobile game in the future. 

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