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Shadowgate Tips and Tricks

by Prima Games Staff

We lost track of the number of times we were blasted to pieces by dragon fire or smothered by mummy curses in Zojoi’s remake of the classic point and click adventure, Shadowgate. The world is a dark place once you enter the caverns of the dead castle, and death is waiting to wrap its arms around you at each and every bend. It isn’t safe to go alone, so here are five tips to help you make your way through the darkest depths of the dungeon, and back out into the daylight.

Watch Out

Survival isn’t easy in the dark caverns of Shadowgate, and we never expected it to be. Stay on top of your game and keep your eyes wide open. Check everything when you go into a room, taking in all of your surroundings before interacting with anything. Is there a threat in the room? Is it safe to explore and loot? While looting is important in all RPGs, it can mean your death in this decaying world. Pay attention to what foes lie around you, and what gear you have at your disposal.

Careful What You Take

We know it’s hard to leave a perfectly good spear laying on the ground, but is that really going to save you from the dragon on the other side of the room? Maybe the shield is more ideal; a second later a dragon blasted us with fire and we blocked it with the shield.  RPG players love to hoard gear, perhaps to a fault. Shadowgate is chock full of useful supplies, and taking them isn’t an issue. Just make sure you grab what you need first in case things heat up.

Keep Calm

OK, this one is a bit off the wall, but it’s still one of the most important tips we can give you. Every time you get frustrated or flustered, you’ll likely miss something. This could be a broken gear or something useless. Or it could be something you need that will keep you alive in the next room. No matter what the darkness throws at you, you have to keep a cool head and play it safe. Check your surroundings and remember that death is only one mistake away. No pressure, we swear.

Hotkey Your Spells

There are limited options available for hotkeys, and even though Shadowgate is a point and click adventure, placing your spells on your hotkey makes it easier to use them and therefore easier to navigate. To hotkey your spells, all you need to do is open your Inventory, click on the Spells tab, select the spell, press Control and the corresponding 0-9 number. We found this ease of access helpful early on, when spells were important for our survival.

Don’t be Afraid to Die

You’re going to die. It’s a fact of life in the world of Shadowgate. Luckily, Zojoi saw fit to grant you access to a magical thing called a Quicksave. Simply Press F5 before doing something you might regret and the game will allow you to reload at that point if something goes wrong. Don’t forget to quicksave several times, and remember to pay attention to your surroundings. Sometimes experimenting is the only way to find the solution, so don’t worry if your actions lead to merciless death. Reload and give it another shot. 

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