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Shadow of War – How to Interrogate Worms

by Josh Hawkins

Worms are an important enemy to take note of in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, as they are Talion’s main means of learning information about Captains, which are strong enemies that you’ll need to take care of. Interrogating Worms can be quite difficult—especially if they’re hiding out in a fortress, surrounded by several other enemies. To help you get used to interrogating these enemies, we’ve put together this detailed article, which will teach you everything you need to know to learn how to interrogate Worms in Shadow of War, so that you can take down their Captains.

How to Interrogate Worms

The first step to successfully interrogating a worm is to find it. Worms are often marked on your mini map, as well as in the Wraith World, as green, diamond-shaped icons that you can clearly see on your map. They’re found all throughout the world, so if you’re having trouble spotting one, just look around until you see the tell-tale signs of the Worms’ icon, and then make your way over there.

Once you have spotted a Worm, it’s time to formulate your plan of attack. Your first goal should be to get to higher ground, somewhere near the Worm. This will allow you to get close without being spotted. Be aware that Worms are very skittish enemies, and they will run at the first sign of trouble. If you can, try to activate the interrogate option from above, as this will instantly capture them in an aerial attack, allowing you to grab them before they can escape.

If you aren’t able to take up any high ground near the Worm, then the next best thing is going to be to get in there quick and quietly. Watch out for enemy patrols, and be sure to try to capture them before they can make a run for it. The nice thing about interrogating a Worm is that while you’re interrogating them, you can’t actually be harmed, which means running up to them while they are surrounded by their allies isn’t going to turn out as badly for you as you might think—so long as you can get out without going down.

When you interrogate a Worm, you’ll be shown a screen that outlines every available Captain in that area. Once here, you’ll have the option to reveal information about any one Captain. Choose carefully, and make sure you are ready to fight when you finish with the interrogation process. Chances are, you’re going to have to fight your way out of the situation—especially if you just ran up and interrogated the Worm next to a ton of other enemies.

Once you’ve interrogated the Worm, fight your way out and retreat back to the higher ground. This is going to be your best way to escape the hordes of enemies coming after you, as taking them on could prove very bad for your health. With the Worm interrogated, you should now know enough to take down a Captain. Be sure to check out our guide on how to kill Captains for more help with that. Head over to our Shadow of War walkthrough and guide for more help.

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