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Shadow of the Beast Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Heavy Spectrum’s action game for PlayStation 4 is a beautiful yet dangerous adventure, where you’ll try to attain a high score using your vicious beast characters. Here are some Shadow of the Beast tips on how to boost your points, as well as keeping your health from deteriorating too quickly.

Mastering Shadow of the Beast’s Combat System

The combat system in Shadow of the Beast seems basic to begin with, as you can take out most enemies with a single blow. However, it’s much deeper than that when it comes to building up your high score – a key component from the original Amiga game. You begin building up combos with each successive hit dealt to enemies. This is a good chain to build upon, as you’ll be able to increase your multiplier and build your high score.

You increase your blood meter with each successive kill in Shadow of the Beast, and eventually it’ll build into three sections. With each section you can execute a special score-multiplying kill by holding down the shoulder button and hitting the triangle button. Successfully landing a score-multiplying kill will cause your score to increase at a faster rate, although keep in mind there are only so many times you can perform this kill before your blood meter runs dry.

Make sure you balance between regular and special kills in order to prevent your multiplier from running out while you fill your blood meter. Additionally, if you take any damage (even a mild hit), you’ll lose your multiplier and will need to start over from scratch. If you activate a Rage Chain it’ll not only wipe out various enemies coming at you, but will also end your multiplier as well.

Shadow of the Beast features a leaderboard that enables you to compare your score with your friends at the end of each level. You’ll also see different medals handed down depending how well you do. If you think you can do better, you can always jump back into a level and try again. 

Keeping Healthy in Shadow of the Beast 

Something to keep an eye on in this game is your health. You’ll start out with nine health units but even small things like a single hit from an enemy will begin chipping away at this. Once you’re down to two health units, you’ll need to be careful as you could lose your turn. There are a few things you can do to prevent your health from running out in Shadow of the Beast.

The first thing you can do is lunge at an opponent to regain a health point. You’ll need to have at least one unit full on your blood bar in order to do this. Once it’s there, target an enemy, hold down the shoulder button, and hit your attack button. If you mash the button quickly enough you’ll successfully take them down and regain a health point. This is useful when you’re running low on health points and various enemies are bearing down on you.

Second, use the dodge roll. There are some situations where you could be hit, especially by larger bosses that try to corner you. In this situation use the dodge roll to get out of their way. Finally, when it comes to the platforming segments of the game, there’s more danger than the environmental hazards in Shadow of the Beast. You can easily fall from a ledge and take significant damage to your health.

In this case, you can use the walls by holding down the L1 button. This will help you get to lower or higher areas without taking the risk of losing health points in the process.

By following these gameplay tips for Shadow of the Beast you should have no trouble staying alive while you take down opponents and rack up an impressive high score!


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