Season of Opulence has arrived in Destiny 2 and along with all of the new content comes some exciting new Exotics for guardians to get their hands on. Some of these are brand-new, while others are an updated version of older items, but all of them will be worth chasing down. Many of these will be random drops or sold by Xur, but for those that aren't we'll be doing more specific guides. In the meantime though, here is our Season of Opulence Exotic weapon and armor guide for you to have a look over. 

Season of Opulence Exotic Weapon And Armor Guide

 Season Of Opulence Exotics Guide For Destiny 2

Exotic Weapons

  • Tarrabah — Submachine Gun. Perk: Ravenous Beast - This weapon stores power when dealing or receiving damage. Once full, hold reload to unleash the beast.
  • Truth — Rocket Launcher. Perk: Prototype Trueseeker - This weapon’s rockets have tracking. Lock onto targets when aiming down sights. (The quest to unlock this will be available from June 11th)
  • Lumina - Hand Cannon. Perk: ??? (The quest to unlock this will be available from July 2nd)

Exotic Armor

  • Khepri's Sting — Hunter Arms. Perk: Touch of Venom - Punching someone with full melee energy will instantly cast Smoke Bomb. Gain Truesight while in your Smoke Bomb effect.
  • Astrocyte Verse — Warlock Helmet. Perk: Move to Survive - Blink further and more frequently. Weapon readies quickly out of Blink and Radar remains up.
  • Peregrine Greaves — Titan Legs. Perk: Peregrine Strike - All shoulder charge abilities (Seismic Strike, Hammer Strike, or Shield Bash) deal bonus damage when activated in the air.

Now that you've read our Season of Opulence Exotic weapon and armor guide go and have a look at our Destiny 2 Hub for all of our other guides. As the Season of Opulence continues, we'll be adding in new guides and tips as we come across them. Check us out on Twitter too, that way you'll never miss a thing in gaming again.