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Sea of Thieves Journal Locations in Shores of Gold

by John Cooper

Sea of Thieves is full to the brim with things to do and things to see. Now, thanks to the Tall Tale, Shores of Gold, there are also plenty of journals to try and find as well. Given that these are just regular sized books, they can be quite hard to find if you don’t know where you should be going. In order to help you find them all, we’ve put together this guide on the journal locations in Shores of Gold. 

The Shroudbreaker journals

  • N13 uncharted island: You can find a journal here on the same island where the Magpie’s Wing is. It is just next to a small group of rocks on a small islet. 
  • Ancient Spire Outpost: This one can be found near the tavern on Ancient Spire Outpost. Simply cross the rope bridge and continue along the path, you’ll come to a cave that houses the journal between two candles. 
  • Devil’s Ridge: Another journal can be found on the north-east of Devil’s Ridge. It is on the barrels next to a cannon that is guarding the sea.  
  • Thieves’ Haven: At the centre of Thieves Haven there is a shoreline opposite a shipwreck. Make your way over to it and you’ll find the journal in a box under a small shelter. 
  • Plunder Outpost: The final journal in this section can be found on the shoreline of Plunder Outpost in an upside-down rowboat. 

The Cursed Rogue journals

  • Shark Bait Cove: You can find the first journal on the southern area of Shark Bait Cove. There is a tunnel around there that goes to the inside ring, make your way through and turn right. You can see the journal inside a rowboat. 
  • Discovery Ridge: Once you are on this island make your way to the northeastern shore. You should see a skeleton next to a trashed boat, have a look next to the skeleton to find the journal. 
  • Kraken’s Fall: Make your way to the south of the island, to begin with. From here, go through the tunnel and you can find the journal next to a pile of bones near the fence and behind a rock. 
  • Wanderer’s Refuge: Slightly to the south of the center of this island is a well. Head north from it towards some ruins and check the outside of it to your left. You should see the journal between some wood and stones.
  • Crook’s Hollow: This is the last one. Find Wild Henry on the pier and then head into the caves opposite him. Stick to your left and you’ll spot a skeleton who is all tied up, the journal is just beside it. 

The Legendary Storyteller journals

  • Lone Cove: You can find this one inside a cave on the northwest of the island. It is right at the back. 
  • Mermaid’s Hideaway: Head to the northwest shore to find the journal in a broken barrel near a campfire. 
  • Old Salts Atoll: Check inside the bow of the shipwreck. You’ll find the journal inside of it. 
  • Dagger Tooth Outpost: Inside the tavern, there is a bookshelf. You can find the journal on the bookshelf. 
  • Galleon’s Grave Outpost: The last one can be found at the top of the outpost. You need to make it to the very top of the shipwreck and then check the cage. 

Stars of a Thief journals

  • Rum Runner Island: Check the northeast of the island, just by the rocks for this one. 
  • Plunder Valley: Make your way to the top of Plunder Valley and you’ll find this journal next to the beacon. 
  • Snake Island: Check just to the north of the center area of the island. If you look over the ledge you should be able to spot it. 
  • Devil’s Ridge: This is another one that is high up. You need to make your way up to the top of the rocks. The journal is beside some maps up there. 
  • Crescent Isle: On the southern part of the isle you should find a path that leads to some boulders overlooking the sea. The journal is up in this area. 

Wild Rose journals

  • Rapier Cay: In the middle of this island is a group of barrels. The journal is resting atop some pots and pans here. 
  • Cannon Cove: You can find this one in the bay. It is in a barrel next to the campfire. 
  • Lone Cove: You can find this journal near the center of Lone Cove near a large boulder. 
  • Lagoon of Whispers: This one is sat on top of a barrel on the southeast side of the island. 
  • Sailor’s Bounty: There is a group of barrels and crates in the northern side of Sailor’s Bounty. They are on one of the small islets. The journal is just on the ground near them. 

Art of the Trickster journals

  • Plunder Valley: You should find a room with a puzzle that involves moving some skeletons. The journal is here. 
  • Discovery Ridge: This one is at the top above the canyon. There should be some barrels near some lights, the journal is sitting on top of one of the barrels. 
  • Sailor’s Bounty: This area actually has three journals instead of just the one. Check the workshop and you should find them below the bed, by the anvil, and between the tables near the entrance. 

There are a few other journals to find in the other Tall Tales so we will update this article as soon as we’ve found them. In the meantime, have a look at our Sea of Thieves Hub for all sorts of other content and follow Prima Games on Twitter