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Sea of Thieves – How to Fix the Bronzebeard Error

by Josh Hawkins

The Sea of Thieves closed beta is in full swing for the Xbox One and PC right now, and players everywhere are diving into the game to see what the pirate adventure has to offer. Since the game is in a beta state, that means errors are going to show themselves sometimes, and the latest issue that players have been running into is an error called the Bronzebeard error. Today we’ll show you how to fix the Bronzebeard error in Sea of Thieves, and get back connected to the game, so you can enjoy your adventures on the open seas.

Fix the Bronzebeard Error

Fixing the Bronzebeard error isn’t that hard, but it can be annoying. This error can pop up often when you attempt to boot the game up, or when trying to connect to a lobby and raise anchor. If you encounter this error, then it means that the game was unable to connect you to the servers, which means you’ll need to take the correct troubleshooting steps to bypass the issue.

Pirates ready up as they prepare to set sail on the open seas in Sea of Thieves.

When you receive the Bronzebeard error and you’re on Xbox One, go ahead and open up the Xbox One Guide using your controller. Once this is open, highlight the Sea of Thieves game, and then quit out of it by pressing the ‘Quit’ option on the Menu—you can bring up the Menu by pressing the button with the three horizontal lines in the center of the controller. Wait for the game to completely closed out, and then relaunch it from the Xbox One dashboard.

If you are playing Sea of Thieves on PC, then you’ll need to log out of the game and quick all the way to your desktop. This will completely close out of the application, and you can then reboot it up and try connecting once more.

Unfortunately, closing out of the application may not always fix the problem, and sometimes you might need to do a complete system reboot (turn off your Xbox One or your PC) and then boot everything back up and try again. This will force your connection to the Microsoft servers to reset entirely, which can often break through the issue and allow you to connect.

There really aren’t any other troubleshooting tips we can offer for fixing the Bronzebeard error. If you encounter this issue, try the steps we’ve listed above, and you should be able to reconnect. For more help in Sea of Thieves be sure to check out our guide on how to get Voyages as well as our guide on how to shoot yourself out of a cannon. You can also check out how to join the Sea of Thieves closed beta if for some reason you aren’t in the beta yet.

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