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Sea of Thieves: A Guide to Fishing

by John Cooper

The Anniversary Update brought with it a lot of cool new features. One of the most enjoyable is the ability to go fishing. A classic inclusion in many a JRPG and a brilliant way to pass the time, fishing is also a great way to earn money in Sea of Thieves. 

The good news is, and this may come as a surprise, you can fish pretty much anywhere you can find water. Now, stay with me here, there is a lot of water in SEA of Thieves, so there are plenty of places to settle down and try to catch some dinner. The best places to set up tend to be at the outpost you spawn at, in the ponds of larger islands, and along the shoreline of the smaller ones. 

If you want to, you can even set up shop on the back of your boat and do some proper sea fishing. It all depends on what kind of fish you want to catch. 

Fishing works a little differently depending on whether or not you’re using a controller or mouse and keyboard, but there are some rules to follow either way. 

You want to cast your line out first of all. Then take some time and wait for a fish to bite, as soon as they do pull the rod away from the direction the fish is swimming. Then as soon as the line goes slack, start to reel in the line. Whenever the fish moves, stop reeling and rinse and repeat until you have caught it. 

Why do you want to fish though? Well, they can be sold to and members of THe Hunter’s Call and help you get more gold, experience, and even help to increase your rank with the Trading Company. You can also cook them before handing them over for a little bit extra. 

If you want to cook a fish all you have to do is hold it, place it in a frying pan, and then take it out before it burns. It goes through not cooked, undercooked, perfectly cooked, and burnt. So you want to take it out when it changes colour for the second time and goes a crispy golden brown. This is when it is perfect. You can also keep an eye on the eyes of the fish, they go white when it is nearly perfectly cooked. 

Good luck and try not to overdo it, overfishing is bad.