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Sea of Thieves: Fish Locations and Baits

by John Cooper

The Anniversary Update brought a lot of cool new features with it, one of which is the fishing system. There are a lot of different fish to catch, each with its own preferred bait, location, and even time of day. Catching every type is a collectors dream come true, and it will help you rank up in Hunter’s Call. So, in order to help you find your way in the murky waters, here is a guide on the fish types, locations, baits, and even fishing rods. 

Fishing Rods

There are a lot of special fishing rods in Sea of Thieves that can be unlocked by catching a certain species of fish. Specifically, you need to unlock a commendation and title from Hunter’s Call in order to get the new fishing rod. Here is the list and the commendation you need: 

  • Parrot fishing rod – Hunter of Pondies
  • Admiral fishing rod – Hunter of Plentifins
  • Ceremonial Admiral fishing rod – Hunter of Plentifins
  • Grand Admiral fishing rod – Hunter of Plentifins
  • Bilge Rat fishing rod – Hunter of Splashtails
  • Castaway Bilge Rat fishing rod – Hunter of Splashtails
  • Scurvy Bilge Rat fishing rod – Hunter of Splashtails
  • Forsaken Ashes fishing rod – Hunter of Devilfishes
  • Hunter fishing rod – Hunter of Islehoppers
  • Kraken fishing rod – Hunter of Stormfishes
  • Ocean Crawler fishing rod – Hunter of Wreckers
  • Sea Dog fishing rod – Hunter of Wildsplashes
  • Ruffian Sea Dog fishing rod – Hunter of Wildsplashes
  • Rogue Sea Dog fishing rod – Hunter of Wildsplashes
  • Bone Crusher fishing rod – Hunter of Battlegirlls
  • Royal Sovereign fishing rod – Hunter of Ancientscales
  • Imperial Sovereign fishing rod – Hunter of Ancientscales
  • Sovereign fishing rod – Hunter of Ancientscales


There are ten different types of fish and three different types of bait to use. There are also some fish that don’t require bait, you can still catch these when using bait, so don’t be surprised to see them more often than you’d like. Here is the list of fish and the bait they like: 

Splashtail – No bait required

  • Plentifin – Earthworms
  • Ancientscale – Leeches
  • Wildsplash – Earthworms
  • Devilfish – Grubs
  • Islehopper – No bait required
  • Pondie – No bait required
  • Battlegill – Grubs
  • Stormfish – Leeches
  • Wrecker – Earthworms

The Fish

In order to truly catch a fish, you have to catch every possible variant of that fish. This is how you unlock the new rods and commendations. Some fish require specific areas while others require specific times. In order to help you through this, we’ve made a list of each of them. 


The Splashtail can be found pretty much everywhere you can throw out a line. In order to catch it, you don’t even need to use bait. You’ll end up getting very annoyed with this one as it will happilly interrupt your hunts for specific fish by eating any bait it sees. Only one of the variant requires a bit of work as it needs to be caught at night. 

  • Ruby Splashtail
  • Sunny Splashtail
  • Indigo Splashtail
  • Umber Splashtail
  • Seafoam Splashtail – Night


You can catch the Plentifin using earthworms in the Shores of Plenty. This strange short fish is easy to catch outside of the Watery Plentifin which needs to be caught at night. 

  • Olive Plentifin
  • Amber Plentifin
  • Cloudy Plentifin
  • Bonedust Plentifin
  • Watery Plentifin – Night


Ancientscales can be found in the Ancient Isles. It’s long and flat and likes leeches. The Starshine Ancientscale can only be caught at night. 

  • Almond Ancientscale
  • Sapphire Ancientscale
  • Smoke Ancientscale
  • Bone Ancientscale
  • Starshine Ancientscale – Night


You can find the Wildsplash in The Wilds. You can catch it using earthworms and there is one special variant to catch at night. 

  • Russet Wildsplash
  • Sandy Wildsplash
  • Ocean Wildsplash
  • Muddy Wildsplash
  • Coral Wildsplash – Night


If you want to catch a Devilfish then you’ll want to use grubs in the Devil’s Roar. As ever, there is one to be found only at night. 

  • Ashen Devilfish
  • Seashell Devilfish
  • Lava Devilfish
  • Forsaken Devilfish
  • Firelight Devilfish – Night


This is probably one of the hardest of the fish to catch. Each variant must be caught around islands and four of them have specific places or times. The good news is that they don’t require bait. 

  • Stone Islehopper – The Wilds
  • Moss Islehopper – Ancient Isles
  • Raven Islehopper
  • Honey Islehopper – Shores of Plenty
  • Amethyst Islehopper – Night


This quaint little fish can only be found in ponds. We recommend the one on Mermaid’s Hideaway but anywhere will do, you can even skip the bait, this fish isn’t fussy. The Moonsky variant can only be found at night. 

  • Charcoal Pondies
  • Orchid Pondies
  • Bronze Pondies
  • Bright Pondies
  • Moonsky Pondies – Night


You can catch the Battlegill using grubs around any Skelton Ships or Forts. This is tricky because you need to be near the action to catch the fish, but you won’t be able to calmly cast a line when being shot at. The best way to do it is find a spot that the towers can’t reach and just drop anchor there. One of these can only be found at night. 

  • Jade Battlegill
  • Sky Battlegill
  • Rum Battlegill
  • Sand Battlegill
  • Bittersweet Battlegill – Night


The Stormfish is going to be the thorn in your side. Not only does it need to be caught during a storm, but you also need to be in a specific spot for many of these. Make sure you are using leeches if you want to reel it in and keep in mind that one of them can only be found at night. 

  • Ancient Stormfish – Ancient Isles
  • Shores Stormfish – Shores of Plenty
  • Wild Stormfish – The Wilds
  • Shadow Stormfish
  • Twilight Stormfish – Night


To find the Wrecker you need to hunt down some shipwrecks. To catch them you’ll need to use earthworms and the Moon Wrecker can only be found at night. 

  • Rose Wrecker
  • Blackcloud Wrecker
  • Snow Wrecker
  • Sun Wrecker
  • Moon Wrecker – Night

That’s every fish you can catch for the time being. If you need any more help with Sea of Thieves then give our game Hub a look. For everything else, follow Prima Games on Twitter to stay up to date.