Rust: All CCTV Camera Codes and How to Use Them

Peep on your enemies with these camera codes!

Rust CCTV Camera to Monument
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Over the years, Rust has grown immensely in scope. It started as a basic survival game, focusing on building fires and spears and then fighting other tribes for better weapons and land. But today, Rust is a different game altogether. We now have electricity, turrets, helicopters, and CCTV cameras to track everyone’s movements across the map. Oh, what a valuable feature for the PvP-oriented! Here are all the CCTV camera codes and how to use them in Rust.

How to Use CCTV in Rust

First and foremost, to use CCTV cameras, you need a Computer Station setup in your base. You need a Target Computer, usually found in military crates and airdrops, along with High-Quality Metal Ore. The latter isn’t tough to track down. It’s the former that may prove challenging. Alternatively, you could always buy one from The Outpost.

With both resources, craft your Computer Station and place it within your base. Ideally, you want somewhere secure and free from prying eyes.

With the workbench under construction, it’s time to find an RF Broadcaster and RF Receiver. These both spawn in military loot crates. With these items and your Computer Station, turn on the electricity in your base and create an ID by right-clicking the bench. The ID is a password, so don’t forget what you set it as.

With this setup, as is, you can access the CCTV cameras spread across the map in the various monuments. If you want to protect your base with a security system better, you’ll need the following items:

  • CCTV Cameras.
  • Wire Tool.
  • Splitter.
  • Switch.

You need to physically wire every camera to your electricity system.

All CCTV Camera Codes in Rust

Rust CCTV Camera
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Most monuments in the game feature numerous CCTV cameras, which you’ll access via the Computer Station in your base. The codes to access these cameras are:

  • Airfield
  • Bandit Camp
    • CASINO
  • Large Oil Rig
    • OILRIG2L3A
    • OILRIG2L3B
    • OILRIG2L4
    • OILRIG2L5
    • OILRIG2L6A
    • OILRIG2L6B
    • OILRIG2L6C
    • OILRIG2L6D
    • OILRIG2L1
    • OILRIG2L2
  • Small Oil Rig
    • OILRIG1L1
    • OILRIG1L3
    • OILRIG1L4
  • Outpost
  • Dome
    • DOME1
  • Underwater Labs
    • BRIG
    • LAB

Tips for Using CCTV Cameras in Rust

As a game focused on PvP, knowing where the fight is at any given time is invaluable information. Furthermore, if your squad aims to take Large Oil, knowing if anyone is present or not can mean walking away with the loot or not. It’s an ever-useful system but requires a complex setup and someone operating the camera for a period.

If your goal is to track the various monuments, start early. You can and should send out team members to track down the necessary resources, especially the CCTV cameras,

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