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Rules of Survival – How to Get More Supply Tickets

by Josh Hawkins

Supply Tickets are a premium currency option in Rules of Survival and they offer a different way for players to get their hands on items like clothing, new skins for weapons, and other special rewards. If you aren’t up for grinding other in-game currency, then Supply Tickets are your best bet to getting your hands on new gear and materials. Here’s everything you need to know to get more Supply Tickets in Rules of Survival, as well as some basic information on what these items are and how to use them.

How to Get More Supply Tickets

Earning more Supply Tickets is simple and all you will need to do is complete your Daily Activities. This will allow you to claim Activity Points, as well as accrue experience that you can use to unlock special rewards in the Activity Points screen. There are three different types of Supply Tickets to take account of, though the most basic one that you’ll see the most is the Regular Supply Ticket. These are followed by rarer Elite Supply Tickets, and finally you’ll find Advanced Supply Tickets.

On top of earning these items by unlocking boxes in the Activity Points section, you can also get your hands on some Supply Tickets using Gold or real-world cash, though using Gold will mean you’ll need to know how to get more Gold, which as we said above can be a bit of a grind.

There are several different options available that will give you more Supply Tickets, the most common of which can be found inside of the Weekly Shop, which offers several things that you can purchase using in-game Gold. Some examples of deals you’ll find in this area include paying 2,000 Gold for 5 Regular Supply Tickets and 5 Elite Supply tickets.

How to Spend Tickets

Spending Supply Tickets will work similarly to how you spend Gold. Once you have build up some Supply Tickets, head over to the store where you’ll be able to buy more clothes and skins for your character. Regular Supply Tickets can be used to purchase normal Supply Boxes, however the Advanced Tickets will be used to purchase Advanced Supply Crates, which will give you the chance to draw out an epic or rare look depending on how many times you draw.

Spending Tickets is a good way to ensure you have one of the rarest looks in the game, just be aware that if you really want to get more Tickets the quickest route is to simply purchase them from the store for real-world money. The good news is, there are several options for this, so head to the Store in-game to check the deals out and see what they have to offer.

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