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Rules of Survival Guide for Beginners

by Josh Hawkins

Rules of Survival takes the fun of games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and brings it to the mobile space. If you want frantic, tactical action on your mobile phone, then Rules of Survival is definitely worth checking out. In the game you’ll have to face up to 120 opponents in intense PvP action, and this Rules of Survival guide will help you get started in the game.

Choose a Mode

The first thing to take note of when you’re getting started in Rules of Survival is that there are several different modes that you can play—three in total. You can play solo, which is you against everyone. Duos, which is you and a partner against other teams of two, and then squads, which pits you and three others against other teams of the same number. You can select which mode you want to play at the main menu, after you choose the server that you want to log into. Choose a mode that fits your playstyle, and then dive in to get started.

Stick the Landing

Once you’ve chosen your mode and started up the match, you’ll have to parachute in over a massive map. You’ll want to choose a good place to land, as landing in a well-looted place is essential to surviving long term in Rules of Survival. Your best bet is to find a weapon as quickly as possible. This can be accomplished a multitude of ways, and we’d suggest making your way down to the ground in areas with multiple buildings to increase the chances of gaining loot worth your time.

Watch Your Back

The world is massive, and there are a lot of corners that your enemies could be waiting behind. Keep this in mind as you make your way through Rules of Survival, and as you hunt for new loot to take down those very same enemies with. You never know where someone might appear from next, or what secrets the hill in front of you might be concealing. Take things slowly, keep an eye on the world around you, and never stop watching your back. If you can learn to use the camera efficiently in Rules of Survival, and you can pay attention to your environment, then you’ll be well on your way to ending up in a much better place on the leaderboards.

If you can grasp these three simple things, and utilize then inside of Rules of Survival, you’ll have a much greater chance of surviving. Looking for more help in this fast-paced and frantic mobile battle royale game? Try out our Rules of Survival tips to get some really helpful tips that could help you stay alive even longer.

Josh Hawkins

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