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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Combat Survival Tips

by Josh Hawkins

Like the previous titles in the Rising Storm series, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is extremely unforgiving, and you’re bound to find yourself dying quite a bit during your first few hours. Don’t worry, though, to help you get over the initial hurdle we’ve put together this handy Rising Storm 2: Vietnam beginner’s guide which will feature several tips to help you survive the harsh jungles of Vietnam and come out on top.

Don’t Friendly Fire

This one may seem self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how many players get their first kill by taking down a friendly. It happened to us, it happened to the people we play with, and it’s bound to happen to you, or someone you know. Indicators that point out your teammates and squadmates take a moment to pop up, and when you’re knee-deep in the enemy’s territory, and the adrenaline is pumping, sometimes your judgement gets clouded.

Instead of simply shooting first and asking questions later, wait to see if the indicator pops up over an enemy, or better yet, get to know the different uniforms of the two different sides, and when you find an enemy, go to town and take them down.

Use Your Gadgets

Some of the classes in the game feature various gadgets and items that can be used during combat. These things range from grenades, to smoke grenades that can be used to mark areas for the Commander class, and even Punji Traps, which the Vietnam soldiers use to boobytrap pathways and choke points. If you want to make the most of your time in the game, use these traps on choke points, narrow pathways, and high traffic areas. They may not always net you a kill, but it will at least give you that extra bit of advantage if someone tries to sneak up behind you while you’re moving up on an objective.

Communicate With Your Team

The enemy is unforgiving, and your team is going to need you to communicate and let them know what’s going on. The game features voice chat for a reason, so take advantage of it and relay enemy positions to your squad mates. If you decide to take on the Commander class, be sure to listen to your teammates and give them support where they need it. This is the only way to make the most of those Commander-only skills, and not using them means you are wasting the class. If you don’t think you’re up to the task, be sure to switch to a different class and try it out instead.

Pace Yourself

The maps are big, and it can be tempting to run everywhere. Don’t. Running costs stamina, and the more stamina you use, the less accurate your shooting will be. Take your time, move forward with precision, and always make sure you are pacing yourself well during the match. Trust us, it’s extremely worth it to move slowly and have that extra bit of accuracy associated with not having to catch your breath.

You should also check out our guide on how to find the best class in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, as it will help you figure out which class fits your playstyle best. Don’t become frustrated by the difficulty of the game, as it offers one of the most realistic military simulations currently available right now.

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