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How to Return to The Lands Between From Shadow of the Erdtree

A trip home.

Jumping headfirst into Elden Ring’s DLC is all the rage these days, but sometimes you yearn for home. Did you know you can return to The Lands Between from Shadow of the Erdtree? It’s as easy as a few button presses, and we’ll teach you how!

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How to Return to Elden Ring’s The Lands Between From Shadow of the Erdtree

While playing Shadow of the Erdtree, you may find yourself seeking out old haunting grounds, like Roundtable Hold, where you can speak with various NPCs, upgrade your weapons, etc. If that’s your situation, then open up the map while in any of the expansion zones. Then, down at the bottom, you’ll spot an input that reads “Show Lands Between map.” Select this input, using “RB” on a controller or the corresponding key on your keyboard, to swap back to the original map.

Shadow of the Erdtree Map
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Once your view switches to The Lands Between, select any of the unlocked Sites of Grace to fast-travel directly to that point. It’s completely free to fast-travel between Sites, even from the expansion to the base game.

The Lands Between Map
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Alternatively, you can revisit Shadow of the Erdtree by reversing the steps from within The Lands Between. With the base game’s map open, you’ll note “Show Shadow Realm map” at the bottom of your HUD. Just use the corresponding prompt, then select a Site of Grace within the DLC.

Why Return to The Lands Between?

There were numerous steps to take before diving into Shadow of the Erdtree, and for some of us, it was impossible to achieve all of them. But there’s still time. Now that you know how to return to the base game’s zones, you can:

  • Increase your Flask uses
  • Speak to Renalla, Queen of the Full Moon, to respec your character
  • Visit the Roundtable Hold to upgrade your equipment
  • Grind out a few more levels to make the DLC’s monsters easier

There’s no incorrect reason as to why you should return home to The Lands Between. You’ll find nothing but opportunity!

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