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Resident Evil Village Maiden Demo Walkthrough

by Lucas White

Yesterday, Capcom released a PlayStation 5-exclusive “demo” for this year’s Resident Evil Village. Much like Resident Evil 7’s Kitchen demo, “Maiden” is a standalone experience that introduces various aspects of the game without giving players an actual chunk of the story. It’s a brief demo, but one that introduces some of the ostensible main antagonists, the world, and provides a few puzzles to solve.

Naturally, while it’s a small demo with only a few problems to solve, we’re Prima Games so we gotta do the thing. This will be brief, but it’s a step-by-step walkthrough to help anyone in need to get through it without spoilers. You’ll mostly be railroaded through, but there are a couple moments where you’ll need to mind your surroundings. 

Resident Evil Village Maiden Guide

You’ll start things off waking up in a dungeon cell, which of course is locked. If you check out the walls you’ll see a small piece of interactive brick, where you’ll find a scrap of paper offering you some hints. Keep note of how you get this, as if you want to do the rest on your own looking for those little arrow icons will get you where you need to be.

The clues are pretty literal, and you’ll see that when the next step requires you to crouch down and crawl through a small space under the bed. You’ll end up in your neighboring cell, and the door here is unlocked. Once you’re done looking around the macabre scenery, you’ll eventually come across another open cell with a body inside. You’ll also see a locked door at the end of the hallway, and a couple cells that are chained shut. Once you inspect that locked door you’ll hear a loud sound, signaling that you need to retrace your steps a little.

Sure enough, the body from before has slumped over, and you can find a pair of bolt cutters. Grab those and open up the locked cells to find some nastiness in one, and a bucket hiding a lockpick in the other. That’s your way out. After following the path a bit and enjoying the ambiance, you’ll eventually come out in the more fancy parts of this building. There isn’t much space to explore, but take note of the locked door with the creepy design on it that tells you there’s a missing eye. Don’t worry about any of the cabinets you go by; they’re all empty.

To move forward, you need to find your way down the stairs and follow the trail on the ground into a courtyard-slash-dining-room area. All the doors are locked, but there’s other stuff to poke around at. To move on you’ll need to check out a wine glass on the table, which has a ring inside. Inspect the ring to take the eye out; you know what to do.

Once you go back and open the creepy eye door, you’ll find a key to the courtyard upon exploring the new room. You’re almost done! Head back toward the dining room and Something will happen. Afterwards make a break for the locked door to the outside, use the new key, and have fun seeing the ending… 

What do you think of the Maiden demo? Was it enough of a taste of what’s to come in Resident Evil Village? Let us know over at the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels.


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