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Resident Evil 7 – How to Get A Gun

by Josh Hawkins

Guns are pretty powerful tools in the Resident Evil series, and Resident Evil 7 is no different. The Baker’s estate is a very dangerous place, and knowing how to get your first reliable weapon is going to be the difference between life and death. In this article we’ll show you how to find your first gun in Resident Evil 7, which can be found just a little ways into the game.

Now, because of the storyline feature in Resident Evil 7, and because the environment is fairly hard to navigate on your own, we’re going to need to use some slight spoilers in the coming paragraphs to walk you through obtaining this weapon. If you do not wish for any parts of the game to be spoiled, please do not continue reading beyond this point.


How to Get your First Gun

The first gun that you acquire in the game is the M19 Handgun. It’s a reliable weapon, but you won’t obtain it until a little way into the game. We spent around the first forty-five minutes or so before we acquired it, so you should probably expect about the same result. This might leave you feeling you missed out on something important, but don’t worry, you haven’t. Continue through the game until you face off against Mia for the very first time. From here you’ll be able to climb up to the second story of the house, where you can access a side room. This is where you will find the M19 Handgun.

Sadly, you won’t have the weapon long, so try not to get too attached to it in the time that you have it. Though you lose it shortly after getting it, you’ll have another chance to grab it later in the game. We’ll show you how at a later date.

How to Get your Second Gun

Once you lose the M19 Handgun, you’ll be without a firearm once more. Don’t sweat it, though, as you’ll be able to get another one pretty shortly after you lose the first one. After losing the first gun, you finally get to meet the creepy, mysterious Baker family, whose house you have infiltrated. Thankfully, a Sheriff’s Deputy arrives on the scene, giving you a chance to escape the evil family before they can do bad things to you. 

You meet up with the Sheriff’s Deputy a short while later, and then rendezvous in the garage where he wishes to speak to you about what is going on. Once you arrive there, some bad things happen, and you end up escaping the area with your first permanent weapon, the G17 Handgun. This weapon isn’t as powerful as the M19, but it will do for now.

You should now know how to get your very first gun in Resident Evil 7. Remember to conserve ammunition, and try not to waste your shots when dealing with enemies throughout the Baker residence. Now make sure you know how to get the M21 Shotgun. We’ll be covering more Resident Evil 7 content over the coming days, so check our Resident Evil 7 guide often for updated information and help.

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