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Resident Evil 7 – How to Find the Greenhouse Key in Ethan Must Die

by Josh Hawkins

Ethan Must Die is a revamped version of the base Resident Evil 7 story. In it, players must find the Greenhouse Key and take on Marguerite Baker. Things are more challenging, though, and item spawns are randomized, making it much harder to find herbs and ammunition. In this article we’ll show you how to find the Greenhouse Key, which is essential to beating the boss in this new Ethan Must Die mode.

How to Find the Living Room

Before you can find the Greenhouse Key, you’re going to need to locate the Living Room. Things have changed quite a bit around the Baker house, though, and not every room is as accessible as it was in the main campaign. To find a way to the living room you’re going to need to do a little exploring.

First, head inside the house. You’ll find yourself in the Main Hall, with two sets of stairs that lead up to the second floor. Head around the pile of junk in the Main Hall and look for a Grandfather Clock. Use the stairs beside the Grandfather Clock to access a hallway that leads to a set of stairs into the basement. Destroy the ball of goop at the bottom of the stairs before continuing, and then move into the basement and down another set of steps. There is a vomiting Molded nearby, so avoid it as best you can and then continue through the processing area.

The hallway ahead is boobytrapped, so beware of the traps and disarm any that are in your way. Ahead you’ll find the door to the Boiler Room, which is rigged to lock you in with a ton of enemies. Scour the nearby area for supplies before heading inside. Once you enter the Boiler Room, the doors will lock and you’ll need to defeat all the enemies inside. With each Molded down, look for a door up a small set of stairs that leads out. Destroy the ball of mold in front of it and head through.

Now you’re inside the workshop. From here you can locate a secret passage to the right, which leads up the bedroom that is seen in the DLC’s Bedroom tape puzzle. Exit the room to find yourself at the top of the Main Hall stairs. Move across the landing and through the door on the other side. There’s a turret nearby, so beware of flying bullets.

Once in the door across the hall, turn to the right and head onto the balcony. This will lead you to the Recreation Room, where two turrets await your arrival. Take them out, and then look for a door across the room from where you entered. Head out it and drop down the broken stairwell to the right, down the hall. There’s a mine in the rubble, so be careful when trying to stick the landing.

To find the Greenhouse Key, head through the double door that opens up to find yourself in the Dining Room, where you first met the Bakers at the start of the game. The Living Room is just ahead, but there’s another turret here, so be careful. Look for the Greenhouse Key on the cupboard next to the turret.

Now that you know how to get the Greenhouse Key, you can return to the yard and finally unlock the Greenhouse. Make sure you prepare yourself before heading into the fight, as Marguerite is a much tougher enemy this time around. You can find out more about the game, and it’s first DLC, by heading over to our Resident Evil 7 guide.