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Resident Evil 7 – All Rat Locations, Ratcatcher Trophy

by Josh Hawkins

Resident Evil 7’s first DLC is now available and it includes two new tapes for players to explore and complete. The new DLC also adds in some additional trophies and achievements for players to unlock, and this article will focus on one of those new trophies. This article will teach you how to find all three of the rats hidden in the new Resident Evil 7 DLC, which will allow you to unlock the Ratcatcher trophy of achievement depending on your system.

How to Find the Rats

In order to achieve the Ratcatcher trophy, you’re going to need to locate three rats that have been cleverly hidden throughout Resident Evil 7’s DLC pack. The rats can only be examined and collected after the second time that Marguerite brings you food in the Bedroom tape mission. Once she brings the pot of food, the fork, and the stove, wait for her to leave the room.

When Marguerite is gone, open up the pot of food and pick up the fork. Use the fork to eat a bite of food, and then, after Clancy coughs up the food, look inside the pot to find the first rat.

Climb out of bed and enter the Storage closet next to the bed. The combination to the lock is Snake, Fig Leaf, Apple. You can find out more about this combination lock in our guide on how to complete the bedroom tape puzzle.

Once inside the Storage closet, look for a chair that has been turned over. The second rat can be found on the top of the book shelf, next to the chair.

The third rat can be found inside the main bedroom. Exit the Storage closet and look for the barrel that holds Untitled Painting B. There is a radiator heater close to it. Look next to the radiator, behind a set of shutters, to find the third and final rat. Find this last rat will unlock the Ratcatcher trophy or achievement depending on your platform of choice.

Now that you know how to obtain the Ratcatcher trophy, head back over to our Resident Evil 7 guide for more detailed walkthroughs and guides to help you complete every puzzle and find every secret in Resident Evil 7.