Remnant 2: How to Get the Ritualist Archetype

The mage has arrived!

Remnant 2 Ritualist Archetype Gameplay
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Remnant 2’s The Awakened King DLC introduces a completely new Archetype to the game, but how you obtain it can be confusing. Here’s how to get the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2.

Where to Find the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2

To get the Ritualist Archetype in Remnant 2, you’ll want to start The Awakened King (which you need to own) and progress until you’ve beaten the first main zone and gone through the first main side area. This should bring you out to a part of the Forlorn Coast that was previously inaccessible. Once you’re there, make your way through the zone until you reach the docks, where you’ll find a ton of boats hiding green infested creatures.

Once here, you’ll want to hop onto the boats and follow them until you find a region similar to the images shown above. This is a set of boats that leads into what seems like a sewer. Head within and progress until you see a ritual occurring, which you want to interrupt. Once all the enemies are dead, you should find a post next to the ritual site that holds the Ragged Poppet. This is the material you need to get the Archetype.

With it in hand, make your way to Wallace in Ward 13, and give him the Ragged Poppet along with five Lumenite Crystals to craft the Cursed Effigy, which is the item you use to swap to the Ritualist. From there, simply go to the Archetype tab in the Menu and select the Ritualist as either your Prime or Secondary Archetype.

Ritualist Archetype Explained

The Ritualist Archetype is all about applying status effects to your enemies. The perks and skills are as follows:

  • Prime Perk (only active if the Ritualist is your Prime Archetype)
    • Vile: Negative Status Effects applied by Ritualist inflict Infected. Infected causes the victim to receive 5% more Status Effect damage. On death, spreads all statuses to nearby enemies within 5m.
  • Skills
    • Eruption: Creates 1m explosion for 140 damage on all enemies within 15m. Explosion Radius and Damage increases 100% for each unique Status Effect on the target. Refreshes all current Status Effects on the target.
    • Miasma: Casts an AOE burst that applies Bleeding, Burning, Overloaded, and Corroded to all enemies within 15m, and dealing a total 1,400 base damage. Lasts 11s.
    • Deathwish: Negates all healing to self. Drain 300% Health over 20s. Increases all Damage by 35% and grants 10% Base Damage dealt as Lifesteal.
  • Perks
    • Wrath: Increases all damage to enemies affected by a Negative Status Effect by x% (based on level)
    • Terrify: Killing an entity applies Terrified to all enemies within 5m of killed entity for 20%. Terrified enemies deal 5% less damage.
    • Dark Blood: Reduces damage received from Negative Status Effects by 25%
    • Purge: On Relic Use, cleanses all Negative Status Effects.
  • Trait
    • Affliction: Increases Status Effect duration against enemies by 10% per level.

All of the above comes together to make Ritualist the ideal Archetype for those who enjoy formulating builds. If you can make a character that’s all about applying different status effects, this is a must-have. I wouldn’t suggest it for those like me though, where you’d rather just riddle the enemy with bullets than apply 16 different effects.

If you’re still getting started, check out our guide on how to access The Awakened King DLC in Remnant 2.

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