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Red Jabber Borderlands 3 Location Guide

by Ginny Woo

If you fancy yourself on a mission to take out all the rare enemies plaguing the world of Borderlands 3, then you’re definitely someone who probably has the Red Jabber in their sights. This particular foe is pesky, not only because it has adds to do its bidding, but because it’s not all that easy to find. Check out our Red Jabber Borderlands 3 location guide for where to find this enemy and how to become eligible to take it down.

Red Jabber Borderlands 3 Location Guide: Where Is It

If you’re wanting to kill the Red Jabber for the first time, you’ll likely have picked up this bloodlust as the result of a side mission that you can get from Sanctuary. There’s no real requirement to unlocking this aside from hitting a certain point in the story in the Borderlands 3 main campaign: the quest you’re looking to finish is called Going Rogue. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be eligible to pick up a mission to kill the Red Jabber from the Notice Board in Sanctuary.

The quest you pick up will advise you to get rid of the Red Jabber. Here are our tips for his location – he can be found in the Ambermire on Eden-6. If you’ve just completed the pre-requisite quest of Going Rogue, you’ll already be familiar with the area. It’s in the far south portion of the map, in the east portion of the Ambermire. The Red Jabber is guarded by some apes who will have to be taken down before you can really focus on doing damage to him, and the quest to put him down will be completed as soon as you’ve executed him. 

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