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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Prominent Americans Cigarette Cards

by Larryn Bell

Red Dead Redemption 2 features several sets of cigarette cards that players can collect on their journey. One set is the Prominent Americans cigarette cards, which consists of 12 cards featuring noteworthy American figures from the time period. Luckily, most of the cards in the Prominent Americans set are found in Lemoyne, with a few just a short trek away in Valentine. Below, we’ll explain where to find each of the Prominent Americans cigarette cards in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Prominent Americans Cigarette Card Locations

A complete set can be brought to Phineas T. Ramsbottom, who will reward you for your efforts. Speak to Phineas at Flatneck Station to kick off the Smoking and Other Hobbies mission so you can start searching for cigarette cards throughout the map.

President Fisher

To find the first card in the Prominent Americans cigarette card set, President Fisher, start by heading towards Southfield Flats just north of the town of Rhodes in Lemoyne. Locate the red Jansen Mills building and look for the card atop some barrels by the door.

President Hardin

Locate Lagras lake in Lemoyne, northwest of Saint Denis. On the west side of the lake before reaching the Kamassa River, look for a series of houses built along the shore of the marsh. The President Hardin cigarette card is on the railing of the porch of one of the houses.

Lillian Powell

Northeast of the ‘O’ in Lemoyne, locate a shack just north of the road. Search behind the bushes nearby to find the Lillian Powell cigarette card and add it to your collection.

Leviticus Cornwall

The Leviticus Cornwall cigarette card is found a bit further away than the rest of the set. This card is located at a small farm to the southwest of Valentine, atop the barrel on the porch of the house.

JD McKnight

Return to Rhodes in Lemoyne and head to the estate on the southeast side of town. You’ll find the JD McKnight cigarette card on top the table inside the gazebo.

Luther Covington

Head to the docks on the southwest side of Saint Denis, along the Lannahechee River. Search on top the crates near the edge of the dock to find the Luther Covington cigarette card in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Harvey Griggs

The Harvey Griggs cigarette card is also found in Saint Denis, not far from where the Luther Covington card is found. In Saint Denis, head to the Cornwall Co. Freight Station along the train tracks and locate the building that has two sets of tracks running through it. Inside the building, look for the card beneath the stairs on top a workbench.

Henrietta Beatrice Woods

Locate a house just outside of Saint Denis to the north. Search the porch of the house to find the Prominent Americans cigarette card for Henrietta Beatrice Woods.

General Quincy Harris

To find the cigarette card for General Quincy Harris, you’ll need to travel to the Heartland Oil Fields in New Hanover. Locate the oil well tower north of the tracks to collect the Prominent Americans cigarette card.

General Cornelius Palmer

Back in Lemoyne, the General Cornelius Palmer cigarette card can be found just a short distance northeast of Mattock Pond, which is to the north of Rhodes. Look for some houses near the road and search the shed to find this Prominent Americans card.

Senator Thaddeus Waxman

On the north side of Lemoyne, players can collect the cigarette card for Senator Thaddeus Waxman inside a cabin northwest of the ‘O’ in Lemoyne on the map. Inside the cabin, look for the card on top the fireplace on the bedroom side. 

President Alfred Macalister

The final Prominent Americans cigarette card is found within the small group of islands along the Lannahechee river to the southwest of Saint Denis. Search inside one of the cabins built along the eastern shore to find the President Alfred Macalister cigarette card on the window sill. 

Now that you’ve completed the Prominent Americans cigarette card set in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can bring the set to Phineas at Flatneck Station in exchange for three Eagle Feathers and $50.

To complete other cigarette card sets, such as the Flora of America or Gems of Beauty cigarette cards, head over to our full Red Dead Redemption 2 guide for more. 

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