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Red Dead Redemption 2 Process Lasso PC Fix

by Ginny Woo

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally made its way to PC, the Wild West has officially opened its doors to a whole new host of aspiring cowboys. However, not every launch goes smoothly, so some have had to hang up their Lone Ranger hats temporarily while a bunch fo crashes and in-game freezes are running their course. Here’s what we know so far about the Red Dead Redemption 2 Process Lasso PC fix that’s been kicking around the community that hopefully gives you a reprieve.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Process Lasso PC Fix

Once again, it was the Red Dead Redemption 2 community that came to the rescue when players started reporting freezes. An enterprising Redditor, serhangelgor, noted that one could initially solve freezing issues by tweaking CPU processing settings, though this would come with an FPS dip. As such, Process Lasso was recommended as a solution.

For those who aren’t quite familiar with the terminology, Process Lasso is a program that helps your CPU cores prioritize processes. The issue with Red Dead Redemption 2 appears to be how demanding it can be on one’s computer, and using a program like Process Lasso stops your machine from packing it in when it’s under stress because of all those beautifully-rendered, anatomically-correct equine bits. 

Obviously, you’re going to have to download Process Lasso from somewhere, and we can’t vouch for whether or not the program is totally safe but it is the fix that’s currently being touted by the community as one that works so we figured it’s better to have some information than none at all. The same Reddit post from earlier has a comment which mentions the ideal Red Dead Redemption 2 Process Lasso settings to fix freezing issues, and we’ve reproduced them below:

  • Boot up Process Lasso and navigate to the CPU Limiter options for RDR2.exe
  • You’ll want to set up a New CPU Limit Rule
  • In the “When CPU use is” field, type in 98
  • In the “Reduce by this many CPU cores” field, type in 1
  • In the “For a period of” field below the CPU core details, type in 1
  • Make sure that “Add Rule” is selected and click OK

Now that you’ve got our tips and tricks on sorting out this Red Dead Redemption 2 PC freeze issue, we hope that it works for you! We’re sure that Rockstar is going to be hard at work on an actual, official fix soon, but those who can’t wait to jump into the gunslinging fun can work at this for now. Need a hand with anything else in Red Dead Redemption 2? Check out some other cool tidbits that we’ve put out:

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