It's not just about gunslinging and threatening people with bodily harm. Being a cowboy is much more involved in Red Dead Redemption 2, mate. We're talking riding around with the lads, banter over a campfire, taking down a gigantic bear, and getting your hands on as many mushrooms as possible for various medicinal reasons. Yeah, totally medicinal. Check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 Parasol Mushroom location guide so you know where to find these bad boys.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Parasol Mushroom Location Guide

For those who might be wondering why we're recommending you check out Parasol Mushrooms, spoilers: it's not so you can absolutely trip balls. Parasol Mushrooms have a legitimate proper usage in this game, and it's more than just Herbivore Bait. If you're smart about it, you can turn them into something better than HP recovery. Yes, it's possible to aim higher than that. If you're particularly enterprising, you can turn these Parasol Mushrooms into a Special Horse Reviver. Ever been worried about riding your horse too hard? Know that you're prone to treating every mount like your trusty Skyrim steed without worrying about the consequences? You're going to want some of this Horse Reviver.

Now, to find these Parasol Mushrooms, you're going to want to make a beeline for Flatneck Station. They thrive in well-drained soil environments, and honestly look a bit like your store-bought flat-top mushrooms that look great on a grill. Think about giant, waxy-grey portobello mushrooms - that's what you're going to be looking out for. They've got wide domes, these boys. If you're not quite sure where to start around the Station, we'd recommend getting down on your knees and having a dig around the train tracks. There should be plenty of them just kicking around, so pick to your heart's content. 

Now that you've got our Red Dead Redemption 2 Parasol Mushroom location guide to hand, you'll know exactly where to find these shrooms the next time you reckon you're going to be involved in a charge of grievous equine harm. Need help with anything else in the Wild West? We've got a bunch of other guides too: