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Red Dead Redemption 2 – Legendary Animal Locations

by Prima Games Staff

In Red Dead Redemption 2, hunting is a key component to upgrading your gear and progressing in the world. Very early on, you accompany Hosea Matthews on hunting down a certain the legendary animal, but from then on you’re on your own. If you wan to find legendary animals in Red Dead Redemption 2, you may have to put in some work. You need to find the general area, hunt for clues to their whereabouts then bait them out and kill them as cleanly as possible to earn that perfect hide. Read on to find out all legendary animal locations in Red Dead Redemption 2.

It can be quite frustrating to aimlessly wander the wild west looking for a legendary animal without having any idea of where to start though. This legendary animal locations article will eliminate that first step, allowing you to get right to the hunting before taking the pelts to the Trapper to craft the best equipment possible.

Legendary Animal Locations

Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

If you opted to return to camp with Hosea rather than staying to hunt the Bharati Grizzly Bear yourself, when you return for it you want to be looking to the north-eastern part of the map. Just north of O’Creagh’s Run in the Grizzlies East area is where you’ll find it.

Legendary Fox Location

In the western part of Lemoyne, just north of Rhodes, you can find the Legendary Fox near Mattock Pond.

Legendary Beaver Location

Head to the eastern section of New Hanover. You can find the Legendary Beaver south of Elysian Pool and west of the Van Horn Trading Post along the river.

Legendary White Bison Location

In the north-west corner of the map is Lake Isabella, in the west of Ambarino. The Legendary White Bison is located on the northern side of the lake, south of Spider Gorge.

Legendary Moose Location

By the very north-eastern border of the map, north of Annesburg and up Roanoke Valley is the Legendary Moose. Slightly north of where the train line bends across Brandywine Drop, west of Willard’s Rest.

Legendary Buck Location

Over in the western part of the map, the Legendary Buck is in West Elizabeth. North of Strawberry is Mount Shamm – head west from there, north of Lake Owanjila and it can be found in the western part of Big Valley.

Legendary Alligator Location

Treading dangerously close to the bustling city of Saint Denis, the Legendary Alligator is by the south-western shore of Lake Lagras – above the “N” of “Lemoyne” on the map.

Legendary Tatanka Bison Location

On the far eastern side of New Austin, south of West Elizabeth is the Legendary Tatanka Bison. Search south-east of Macfarlane’s Ranch and south-west of Thieves Landing, but north-east of Manteca Falls.

Legendary Wolf Location

Look north of Fort Wallace to Cotorra Springs in Ambarino for the Legendary Wolf. This is also the same location you find the third treasure map for the Jack Hall Gang Treasure Hunt.

Legendary Coyote Location

North of Rhodes, further up from the Legendary Fox location in Mattock Pond is the Legendary Coyote. Look west or Eris Field and Ringneck Creek, around the letters “CAR” in “Scarlett” on the map.

Legendary Cougar Location

Way over in the south-western part of the map called New Austin, you’ll find the Legendary Cougar west of Tumbleweed – one of the towns from the original Red Dead Redemption. It’s in Gaptooth Ridge, right above the first “T” in Gaptooth on the map.

Legendary Pronghorn Location

Also in New Austin but on the southern side, the Legendary Pronghorn is found between Fort Mercer and Rio Del Lobo Rock.

Legendary Panther Location

Back to Rhodes again for the Legendary Panther, but this time you’re looking south, to Bolger Blade. Note that the Legendary Panther can only be found when you’ve completed nine Master Hunter Challenges, so there’s no point hunting it before then!

Legendary Elk Location

Near the Legendary Fox, the Legendary Elk is just to the east of Fort Wallace, south of Bacchus Station and Bacchus Bridge.

Legendary Boar Location

To the far east of the map, north of Saint Denis, you’ll find the Legendary Boar roaming around Bluewater Marsh.

Legendary Big Horn Ram Location

The closest legendary animal to your starting point in Horseshoe Overlook, the Legendary Big Horn Ram is west of Valentine, just across the Dakota River but east of Cattail Pond.

These are all of the legendary animal locations in Red Dead Redemption 2, aside from fish – they’ve got their own guide coming shortly. In the meantime, make sure you’re heading over to our Red Dead Redemption 2 game hub for even more strategies and advice!

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