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Rebel Yell Borderlands 3 Guide: Find this Legendary Assault Rifle

by Ginny Woo

If you fancy that you might need a bit of a break from the rather hectic Rare Spawn Week farming that’s currently gripping all the Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3, then maybe you’ll want to turn your sights onto the other great Pandoran pastime: finding more weapons. Check out our Rebel Yell Borderlands 3 guide for some tips on how you get this Legendary and why we fancy it.

Rebel Yell Borderlands 3 Guide: Find this Legendary Assault Rifle

Borderlands 3 is full of things that will help you up the ante when it comes to firepower. If you’re looking for something that has a bit of a mind of its own when it bites back, then you probably want to go for Rebel Yell. 

This Legendary Assault Rifle is made by Atlas, and it always rolls as a Shock weapon. This is one of its special weapon effects – “When you charge, yell like Furies”. It’s definitely got a rate of fire to rival some of the most effective weapons in the game, and we like it because of the simple fact that it can make up for a lot of player weaknesses because it has tracking darts. Yup, it essentially fires tracking darts which your bullets essentially follow. This particularly improvement is handy for those who don’t fancy themselves performers in high-stress situations, and the darts will tag your enemies for 15 seconds. Handy, huh?

If you’re wondering where to find the Rebel Yell in the world, we’ve got some good news for you. It’s not some super rare spawn that only ever comes around once in a blue moon. However, like pretty much every other Legendary weapon in the game that isn’t benefitting from an increased drop rate due to Rare Spawn Week (we have a complete list of all the enemies affected for your viewing pleasure), this does mean that the most efficient way to get it isn’t to just sit there and farm whichever boss has a better chance to drop it than usual.

It’s a world drop, so you can either get it from some random chest spitting it out while you’re up to your neck in Psycho guts, or you can get it from killing Graveward somehow. We’ve got a guide for the latter. Unfortunately, all we have to give you is our best wishes and godspeed if you’re looking for the Rebel Yell Borderlands 3 weapon out in the wild.

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