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Rainbow Six Siege Tips to Stay Alive in the Alpha

by Prima Games Staff

Rainbow Six Siege isn’t a run and gun kind of game, and chances are you’ll pay for making costly mistakes if you’re new to the series. In order to help you dominate the leaderboards and help your team win, we put together this list of essential tips to keep in mind while playing the Rainbow Six Siege Alpha.

Use cover

Cover is a large part of this game, and using it to your advantage is very important. Just remember that cover is only as good as the walls are thick, and bullets can and will penetrate through said walls and other objects. Because of this, we suggest moving from cover to cover and removing the amount of time you spend in one place. This will not only make you tougher to hit, but it will also make you a moving target. Both of these can work in your favor to help keep you alive until the end of the match.

Check those corners

Being tactical is the number one thing that will keep you alive in Rainbow Six Siege. This means checking rooms as you enter, and peeking around corners before moving into adjoining hallways. You must be ever watchful to see your enemy before they see you.

Don’t be afraid to camp

In the first section of this guide, we told you to move from cover to cover and never to stay in place very long. However, sticking to one spot is a good idea depending on your teammates. Many of the maps featured in the Rainbow Six Siege Alpha provide several different routes for defenders and attackers to use, however you can limit these paths with Barbed Wire and Barricades, and having teammates cover certain areas. Work with your team to break the map into different sectors, and then let each group of teammates lock it down. This means you’ll know where the enemy is coming from, which will allow you to focus your sights on one particular hallway or door.

Barricade everything

As a Defender, your job is to prevent the attackers from making it to the hostage. This means you’ll want to limit the pathways and entrances into the hostage room. To achieve this, barricade every door you can. Before you run off barricading, however, there are a couple of things we need to cover first. Don’t barricade yourself in because it’s easy to lose track of which way is which when you’re new to the maps, so keep an eye on the entrance. The last place you want to end up is a locked room with no exits and four enemies bearing down on you. You should also know that barricades have small open areas at the bottom, which allow your enemies to drive their remote-controlled recon drones through. These openings are also great ways to locate enemies behind the barricade, because then you can start shooting them before they know you’re there.

Time your Breaching Charges

Breaching Chargers are explosives that create makeshift entrances. These things are loud, they aren’t meant to be as silent, and as soon as you set one off enemies will swarm your position. That’s why it’s important to communicate with your team and time your breaching charges with coordinated attacks. This will distract the opposing side long enough for you to plant the charge, set it off and then flank behind enemy lines.


The final tip we have to share is the simplest, communicate with your team. They aren’t here to run this thing solo, and if you aren’t working together you’ll lose the match. A squad that doesn’t communicate effectively will end up dead. This isn’t Call of Duty or even Battlefield. Teamwork is of the utmost importance in this kind of game, and you won’t get anywhere without it.

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