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Rainbow Six Siege – Tips for Playing as the FBI

by Prima Games Staff

Rainbow Six Siege contains a variety of Operators divided across different Counter Terrorism Units. Each CTU includes two Attackers and two Defenders, all of whom bring a unique gadget to the fight. This feature breaks down all of the FBI Operator profiles, including the special perks and attributes so you can make the most of tactical gameplay. 

FBI Operator Ash – Attacker 

  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Weapons: Remington R4, G36C, M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG
  • Gadgets: Breach Charge, Breach Launcher, Smoke Grenade 

Ash, also known as Eliza Cohen, hails from Israel and has a passion for explosives. ASH honed her craft while in the IMF, then took her unique set of skills to FBI SWAT. She wields the M120 CREM, a modified grenade launched that lets her fire a Breach Round from long range. The round sticks to a surface and then explodes. She also carries a Smoke Grenade to disorient her opponents. 

On the Attacking Side, Ash can destroy reinforced doors and windows. Doing this may attract enemy attention, giving her teammates the element of surprise from another direction. Although she possesses weak armor, her advanced speed makes her difficult to target.

FBI Operator Thermite – Attacker 

  • Armor: Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Weapons: 556xi, M1014, M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG
  • Gadgets: Breach Charge, Exothermic Charge, Frag Grenade 

Jordan Trace, AKA Thermite, is a former marine who served his country in the Iraq war. He applied his degree in chemistry to master explosives. His Exothermic Charge melts through barricades and walls. Additionally, his medium level speed and armor make him a well-balanced character. Whereas Ash can deal damage from range, Thermite will need to move into enemy territory in order to use his Breach Charge. Blow open the wall and then throw a Frag Grenade! 

FBI Operator Castle – Defender 

  • Armor: Medium
  • Speed: Medium
  • Weapons: M1014, UMP 45, 5.7 USG, M45 MEUSOC
  • Gadgets: Deployable Shield, Barbed Wire, Bulletproof Barricade 

Miles Campbell, Castle to his buddies in the FBI, used to work for the LAPD. His Bulletproof Barricade is much stronger than average level equipment, providing a much higher level of defense. When under fire he can pull out a Deployable Shield, and Barbed Wire is a great way to trip up Attackers. 

Similar to Thermite, his Medium ratings for Speed and Armor make him a solid pick. 

FBI Operator Pulse – Defender 

  • Armor: Light
  • Speed: Fast
  • Weapons: UMP 45, M1014, M45 MEUSOC, 5.7 USG
  • Gadgets: Heartbeat Sensor, Barbed Wire, Nitro Cell 

Jack “Pulse” Estrada relies on his HB-5 Cardiac Sensor to spot ally and enemy thermal readouts through walls and other obstructions. He lacks strong Armor, but you should rely on his Speed to zip around the map, using advanced intel to aid his team. Similar to Castle, Pulse has Barbed Wire at his disposal. 

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