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Rainbow Six Siege: Tips for Playing Defender

by Prima Games Staff

This feature provides tips for winning rounds as a Defender in Rainbow Six Siege. We discuss communication with teammates, reinforcing your objective and preventing Attackers from gaining entry. 

Destroy all of the Drones

Attackers deploy Drones to pinpoint your exact location, and every player on the opposing side has one. They will often spread out and activate their drones in different areas to increase the chance of spotting you.  Fortunately these drones are vulnerable to gunfire and you should immediately blast these contraptions or use a gadget to disable them. Keep in mind that shooting a drone will give the other team a bit of information about where you attacked from. 

Using Reinforcements and Barricades

Once the enemy knows your location, they will attempt to gain entry by any means necessary. This normally involves using Breaching Charges to make giant holes to walk through. You need to add Reinforcements to strengthen walls. Each Defender has two Reinforcements, and ideally you want to put them in the same room as the objective. This forces the Attackers to rely on the existing windows and doors on the map. Remember, they can destroy Reinforcements.

You also have an unlimited number of Barricades. Put them on doors and windows. Attackers can destroy them with bullets, melee attacks and Breaching Charges, which is fine because the goal is to slow their progress. Additionally, destroyed Barricades produce noise, revealing their location. 

Go Prone

Attackers tend to look straight ahead at eye level, and not down at the floor. This is your opportunity to go prone, wait until you see some feet and fire from this safer position. 

We strongly advise you to go prone in almost every situation. Players usually enter a room expecting to see someone standing up. The time it takes for them to point their guns down, even for half a second is enough for you to squeeze off a round or two. You can even hide in dead bodies for the element of surprise.

Always Communicate

Make sure everyone on your team activates their microphones. If the other side doesn’t, you already gain a huge advantage. You must communicate in Rainbow Six Siege or suffer a quick defeat. Point out Breaching Charges, call out enemy locations and tell people where you died.  Two remaining teammates with microphones can still annihilate a team of five doing their own thing. 

Avoid Bunching Up

Sticking together to defend he objective may seem like a smart idea, but it’s suicide. The Attackers can wipe you out with one grenade or rush into the room guns blazing. Have one or two players remain with the objective while other members of the team to engage the opposition.  Cut off entry points, set up Barricades and reinforce walls. Since each round lasts approximately three minutes, the longer you delay the Attackers swings the odds in your favor.

Now that you know how to Defend, it’s time to go on the Attack. Then visit our free Rainbow Six Siege Guide

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