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Rainbow Six Siege – Tips for Playing Attacker

by Prima Games Staff

This feature will tell you how to play as the Attacker in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege. We provide tips for basic communication with teammates during multiplayer, the best way to deploy forces and tricks to win tightly contested battles. 

Deploy Your Drone 

Success is often determined on how well you utilized your drone at the beginning of a round. Use this piece of equipment to zero in on the other team’s objective. Doing this decreases the amount of time you’d spend searching for this location. 

Furthermore, teammates should deploy their drones a good distance apart.  If you see someone deploy a drone upstairs, deploy yours downstairs. The more spread out everyone is, the better chance you have of finding enemies. Even better, you can always check the drone’s camera feed during a match providing it stays in one piece; the opposing team can destroy drones. 

Take Advantage of the Buddy System 

The worst thing you can do in Rainbow Six Siege is go off on your own. Teams that fail to stick together wind up dead. Sure, you may take one from the other side with you, but end of the day they’ll quickly light you up, then pick off your buddies one-by-one.

If you play with friends (or have your microphone turned on when playing alongside random people), team up with someone and worth together. Granted, each team contains five Operators so you can’t pair everyone off, but you’re still able to form two groups of two (with a lone wolf) or one team of two and another made up of three. Bottom line you never want to be alone during a firefight. Have the other person watch your six. 

Communicate as Much as Possible

If you enter a public lobby and everyone has an active microphone, consider this a small victory. The more you keep in touch with teammates during a round, the easier it will be to emerge victorious. 

Conversely, you probably want to exit a lobby if your team is silent and the other squad has microphones turned on.  If you cannot speak with every one of your fellow Operators you’re as good as dead before the match begins. 

Attack from Every Conceivable Angle 

This is where things get complicated. If you have microphones switched on and rely on the buddy system, it’s possible to coordinate the attack so you strike the enemy from different angles. You want to force the other team to split up in order to deal with more than one group of attackers, rather than stare down one hallway waiting for you to appear, guns pointed in your direction; or worse, waiting to hit the button on the C4 charge that will blow you all to pieces. Divide your forces!

There are multiple possibilities with this scenario. Approach from two horizontal directions, or have one group attack from above while the other tandem hits the enemy from below. This changes map to map, depending on enemy placement and objective location. 

Create New Lines of Sight 

Do yourself a favor and watch all three tutorial videos in Rainbow Six Siege. Doing this puts 800 Renown into your virtual pocket, and you’ll learn how to best use Breaching Charges to create lines of sight or new entryways.  Beyond this, you’re able to open up new lines of sight with melee or shooting your weapon at specific surfaces. 

Fire your gun at wood or drywall and you will be able to peak through the newly made hole(s). This way, you can see your enemies without alerting them to your presence.  Even better, you can shoot through these holes to rack up kills.  Finally, slapping a Breaching Charge to these surfaces will create new entry points.

Now that you’re an expert Attacker, learn how to become the ultimate Defender, then visit our free Rainbow Six Siege Guide.

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